Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Mass Media,

Dear Newspaper funny pages, Disney, History Channel, TMZ, and all~

I know it's Halloween season, and I know you want to find scary things to talk about, but you really disappoint me.  Why don't you review some of the politicians running for office right now, that's scary!  But please just SHUT UP about things you don't know.

Newspaper funny pages, when you said "a long time ago, people used to believe witches were real"- you were stupid and a big lying liar who lies. OK_ maybe not so much a liar because that statement was true, but the inference was incorrect.  Today, people believe witches are real, as well- because they are!  Maybe, since you think are an educational tool, you could have taken time to research it, and either leave witches out all together, or include the truth about witches.

Disney, why are all witches mean?  Why why why?  Remember in the wizard of oz, they had one nice witch?  Maybe you could try that? the green skin has to go too.

History channel- why would you let your announcer dude say "Halloween is one of the weirdest holidays"- no it isn't! It's a day of honoring the dead, a day of celebrating harvest, a day of keeping the ghosties and fairies at bay.  If you check it out, a lot of cultures have days similar to these.  Remember Dia de los muertos?  How about the Christian feast that used to be in the spring but was moved to Nov 1 to coincide with the pagan holiday- I think it's all saints day (no- I'm not gonna research it, because I am a big hypocritical hypocrite)?  How about all those tribes that take care of their dead on a daily basis? Weird is insulting and an opinion.  I think it's weird Jesus likes bunnies who lay colored eggs when he dies and comes back as zombie Jesus (just teasing about the zombie part- it just always makes me giggle: not kidding about the bunny and eggs which are pagan).  Could you not buy a dictionary or look up the meaning of halloween?  Dictionary.com has a thesuarus too- let's try another word instead of weird.  Let's read up on the holiday first, m'kay?

TMZ, you did a story on Wiccans cursing a certain basketball player.  Then you lumped wiccans and witches together.  Not all wiccans are witches, not all witches are wiccans.  Wiccans would never hex or curse anyone (a witch might). You just hopped on some stupid sensationalized story because you are idiots who don't actually research anything.  (BTW- dude who commented on the story - both might use a pentagram, maybe even bones).  Looking for sensational stories?  go find a politician who doesn't lie.

Everyone- jeesh, the first rule in writing is to research, find facts, don't make crap up unless you are filed under "fiction".  But even then, can we balance things out a little?  All witches are not mean, all cats are not cute, all old men are not grumpy....

and, if you want to talk about Ghosts, they aren't all evil either- just remember Casper.

ttyl! K


Her Mom said...

Spend time researching?! What?! Are you some kind of wierd? There are some that do. Too bad they're not in the majority.

Anonymous said...

All news on everything and everyone is slanted one way or another. Whether they research or not it doesn't matter. Even when the truth is spoken right to the reporters face it will be spun and twisted to whatever way the PR wants it to. Main reason Witchy stays in the Woods of Wonder - hugs and sparkles - WG
P.S. I even have the book that has the quote and Sybil Leek said it while smoking a cigar - LOL.

Lyn said...

It does get old, all the rubbish about witches. Wouldn't it be a novel idea that a reporter might, for once, want to talk to some of us real witches and get a balanced view. Probably wouldn't sell newspapers though.

LisaF said...

You just reminded me I need to dust off my post about Halloween and re-run it again.

Tis the season.

SuziCate said...

You tell 'em! Maybe they will stumble upon this post if they research and they will be enlightened! The saddest part is that so many look to the media for their information and are ill informed.