Sunday, October 24, 2010


I haven't been on in days!  But I haven't been ignoring you- I come home from work all worn out from taking care of boogery 3 year old, and am forced to take a nap.  Then I wake up and read all your blogs- I comment on some if my fingers are working- but I read all of them.  Then, I start sewing my new hat until my eyes are droopy, and I go back to bed.

I have to change verb tense here- that was bothering me, as I did that all last week.  Today is Sunday, so I slept in til ten and then forced myself to doze til 1.  I am afraid I am catching a cold and sleep usually helps me avoid them.  I'm up now drinking tea laced with orange juice.

Usually my mind is constantly going.  I am writing blogs in my head as I zoom off to work.  I am commenting on things and opinions always in my head.  My head was way too tired to do that last week.  I love the preschoolers, but as a teacher, I have to be constantly on and aware- then the lunch break is filled with getting stuff ready for the next class- then a fresh bunch of younger preschoolers appear for another 3 hours.  ack!

I have 7th graders on Monday.  I don't know if that is any more relaxing- but at least the day goes by fast and I am in no way bored!

Witchy Godmother gave me this award!  I've been popping on to her site for a bit now- Mrs. B showcased her and she has a cute and informnative blog.  Plus, I just realized the other day, you can hear her voice on her blog!  weird to put a voice to writing.
this award makes me laugh- she hasn't seen what I am wearing right now :)

OK- peoples, I will try to post more next week... just know I am reading and still enjoying the blogging world!


Her Mom said...

The real world is catching you! Sleep is good for colds - Pat has one now and he and Lily are spending their day, or most of it, on the couch.

Kathy said...

Yep, you have been needing some "down" time. I smiled when you talked about writing blogs in your head. Me too! Except then usually I can't rest until the blog finds its way into the blogosphere. Keep relaxin'...

LisaF said...

Oh, how well I know this feeling! If you have wandered over to my place lately, you probably noticed a change in address. I now live at and the story behind the move is my last entry on my .com site. It's been stupid busy and I'm so far behind on reading and commenting that I think everyone will probably drop me!