Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Hallowe'en and Samhain!

OK- I'll get pictures of the newly dyed bright red hair and halloween costume up soon.  Boyfriend's dad tried to take a picture-
Yeah- blurry as heck and prior to dying hair.  Maybe I'll go get dressed and make boyfriend take a picture of me on the scooter.  I had a had attached to my helmet, but took it off (it made me less aerodynamic).
I wore the outfit to work- with middle schoolers (11-13 yr olds) and they were happy to see teachers in costumes. The special ed kids were way excited!  they almost couldn't work.  I love it.

I'm currently reading "The Big Book of Soul" that I won from Weiser books in Mrs. B's giveaway.  It's about African spirituality and magic(including hoodoo (not voodoo)).  I love it- and I'd love a gazillon more books from them as well.

I bought for pair of glasses (40 bucks total) from including the green and orange ones, and a pair of black and a pair of tortoiseshell. I got my eyes checked and I'm going blinder.  The nice YOUNG doctor lady informed me that because I am getting old of my age, I might notice that I can't see up close either.  Great (we do need a sarcasm font- lets pick one and decide that's what we will use)
Maybe Italics?

Enjoy your day- no matter how you celebrate.  I'll be leaving goodies out for the fairies and my dead.  Though my dead might also eat tomorrow on dia de los muertos.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

woohoo again!

I've been diligently working on finishing up my beautiful conical hat and corset/skirt to wear for halloween...especially now that I found out I can wear it to work tomorrow.  I have a fabulous image of me in my head dressed in my black spiderweb skirt and black helmet (I might attach a witches hat to it) on my scooter racing down the street (mom, not really racing- going speed limit or below, and always watching for idiots).  I also finished a puzzle ball I gave away for Mrs. B's giveaway, and got things ready to mail.  Plus! Plus! Plus! I picked out some cool new eyeglasses.  This weekend I am going to get an eye exam and my mommy directed me to the website Zennioptical.  Look at these cool frames I want for only 10 bucks- we will see what they cost with lenses, but it has to be way cheaper than I usually pay...

Frames at the optical doctor's are usually 100 bucks or so- these are only 10.  They have frames from 6-50 bucks!  For that price I can buy three or even more. I am so excited.  Plus, I'll be able to actually see!  One eye in my current glasses is a bit fuzzy, even when sober.

I'll get pictures of my Halloween attire soon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Lyn at Witchblog  posted a cute bit yesterday on obituaries that told the truth, the down and dirty, the whole dirt.  I thought this would be a cool exercise for think what our obits would currently say, and to think what we'd want them to say.
Quite frankly, I don't care if I get an obit.  I don't care about the grave, I'd rather be cremated or donated to science, or pieced out as a donor.  You can throw me in the ocean, in the dump, or leave me in a coffee can.  Whatever,  My body will be dead.  I do plan to haunt a few people just for fun though.

What dirty (not so secret) secrets could my obit have?  I love wine, and beer, and mixed drinks especially margaritas- and I drink them.  (Tipsy is not a bad thing.  I don't like drunk, though I have been).  I'm a jack of all trades, but have mastered none- I don't stick with things forever, I just flutter from one to the next.  I'm in love with love, and a sucker at times (been married twice, divorced twice).  I had my first kid before I was 21- I got knocked up. I'm moody and might have a bit of my birth father in my personality (he's a downer like eyeore and a hypochondriac).  I cuss occasionally, smoke (a pipe or cigar) occasionally, and tell dirty jokes occasionally.  I'm not much of a laborer- I prefer hard work mentally- though some might argue that my work isn't hard enough. This dribbles into my exercise- I used to work out a lot.  I don't so much anymore.  If it's a mainstream newspaper, maybe they will want to mention my not so mainstream religion, as well.

Some people who have issues with me might be able to muck it up a bit more- but I think their opinions of me would be biased negatively :)

What about good things?  I try.  I try to be open, patient, kind, accepting, and understanding.  I try to earn my keep and care for myself.  I try to keep promises and uphold my responsibilities.  I put love and effort into everything I make.  I am creative.  I am appreciative.  I save bugs.  I don't kill ( I do eat meat- so I kind of kill, and I eat veggies, that's kind of killing too), but I don't squash bugs or murder people ( misquitos and black widows are an exception- there it's kill or be killed).  I maintain a bit of a childlike wonder and joy in my life- and I share that with children and adults a like (it's good for you to color, look for 4 leaf clovers, dance in the aisles of the grocery store, flap your arms and try to fly).

somewhere in there it would be nice if someone mentioned that I love my kids, stayed home with them for 11 years, volunteered at their schools, and tried my best. Maybe that I was, am, a decent daughter and sister too.  We will see about the wife thing- I thought I was a good one, I don't know if I'll ever be one again.

What do I want to do that my obit might mention?  I've talked about this before- I want to do that stickynote thing where I leave positive sticky notes for people to get (I've left one or two- but don't get out much).  I want to do the toy society and leave toys all over for people to find .  Basically I want to spread surprises and joy.   I want to travel and learn about other cultures.  I want to be open to new experiences and foods and customs.  I want to visit places of worship.  I want to watch people.  I want to write a children's book, or perhaps a substitute book for schools.  I want true and enduring love.  I want to be old with someone else who adores me.  I want to save animals.  Maybe foster kitties.  Maybe get a big house and make it just for kitties. I want to grow my own food, can some stuff, make my own cosmetics. I want to know about crystals, aromatherapy, herbs.  I want to live fully and enjoy it.

What about you?  what will your obit say?  what should it mention?  what do you want?  I'm adding a mcLinky if you wanna link up~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Mass Media,

Dear Newspaper funny pages, Disney, History Channel, TMZ, and all~

I know it's Halloween season, and I know you want to find scary things to talk about, but you really disappoint me.  Why don't you review some of the politicians running for office right now, that's scary!  But please just SHUT UP about things you don't know.

Newspaper funny pages, when you said "a long time ago, people used to believe witches were real"- you were stupid and a big lying liar who lies. OK_ maybe not so much a liar because that statement was true, but the inference was incorrect.  Today, people believe witches are real, as well- because they are!  Maybe, since you think are an educational tool, you could have taken time to research it, and either leave witches out all together, or include the truth about witches.

Disney, why are all witches mean?  Why why why?  Remember in the wizard of oz, they had one nice witch?  Maybe you could try that? the green skin has to go too.

History channel- why would you let your announcer dude say "Halloween is one of the weirdest holidays"- no it isn't! It's a day of honoring the dead, a day of celebrating harvest, a day of keeping the ghosties and fairies at bay.  If you check it out, a lot of cultures have days similar to these.  Remember Dia de los muertos?  How about the Christian feast that used to be in the spring but was moved to Nov 1 to coincide with the pagan holiday- I think it's all saints day (no- I'm not gonna research it, because I am a big hypocritical hypocrite)?  How about all those tribes that take care of their dead on a daily basis? Weird is insulting and an opinion.  I think it's weird Jesus likes bunnies who lay colored eggs when he dies and comes back as zombie Jesus (just teasing about the zombie part- it just always makes me giggle: not kidding about the bunny and eggs which are pagan).  Could you not buy a dictionary or look up the meaning of halloween? has a thesuarus too- let's try another word instead of weird.  Let's read up on the holiday first, m'kay?

TMZ, you did a story on Wiccans cursing a certain basketball player.  Then you lumped wiccans and witches together.  Not all wiccans are witches, not all witches are wiccans.  Wiccans would never hex or curse anyone (a witch might). You just hopped on some stupid sensationalized story because you are idiots who don't actually research anything.  (BTW- dude who commented on the story - both might use a pentagram, maybe even bones).  Looking for sensational stories?  go find a politician who doesn't lie.

Everyone- jeesh, the first rule in writing is to research, find facts, don't make crap up unless you are filed under "fiction".  But even then, can we balance things out a little?  All witches are not mean, all cats are not cute, all old men are not grumpy....

and, if you want to talk about Ghosts, they aren't all evil either- just remember Casper.

ttyl! K

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunes Lunacy- Usuary

Yeah- I know, I just made up a new word- but if Pres. George W. Bush can do it, so can I.

There is a difference between being used and being useful.  Even as a mommy, a person can be used.  The difference, I believe, may be in the gratitude and expectations of the receiver.
Ex and I had issues occasionally ( I know- suprising, eh?).  Some of them had to do with housework and household expectations.  This issue dribbled into childrearing as well.  Just before we broke up, I had been going to school full time- not the full time 12 units at college, but the full time plus- as in 15-18 units at one time.  I tried to show ex that each unit equaled three hours of class time plus homework each week.  So, I technically worked 45 plus hours a week, then came home to clean and cook. 
I had big issues with both cleaning and cooking.  When had it become my job to rinse other people's dishes and get them into the dishwasher? When had it become my job to pick up other people's crap from all over the living room?  When had my son's clothes started to sneak into my laundry basket?  Or the trash become my job?  Why whenever I cooked, did someone complain about what I made and then not eat?  If I didn't cook, I looked like a bad mommy. Why did my reminding the son to do his chores become nagging?
The gratitude and support felt like it was missing.  Because I had been a stay at home mom for so many years, I was now considered the doer of all things.  Ex's job was to earn the money and water the grass.  My job was everything else.  and I had to do everything else to other people's standards.
I'm not saying my job as mom and wife was bad.  I was lucky to be able to stay at home for so long.  I was lucky to be able to put myself through college (I know I did because I still have the loan to prove it).  I was lucky to have kids that were not difficult and an Ex that worked hard.  buttttt......
I no longer felt useful.  I felt used.  I know the difference and I didn't like it.

That's my gripe for the week- it was very pleasing to have to reach back into time to find a gripe :) I guess fall and halloween can really make a girl happy :}

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I haven't been on in days!  But I haven't been ignoring you- I come home from work all worn out from taking care of boogery 3 year old, and am forced to take a nap.  Then I wake up and read all your blogs- I comment on some if my fingers are working- but I read all of them.  Then, I start sewing my new hat until my eyes are droopy, and I go back to bed.

I have to change verb tense here- that was bothering me, as I did that all last week.  Today is Sunday, so I slept in til ten and then forced myself to doze til 1.  I am afraid I am catching a cold and sleep usually helps me avoid them.  I'm up now drinking tea laced with orange juice.

Usually my mind is constantly going.  I am writing blogs in my head as I zoom off to work.  I am commenting on things and opinions always in my head.  My head was way too tired to do that last week.  I love the preschoolers, but as a teacher, I have to be constantly on and aware- then the lunch break is filled with getting stuff ready for the next class- then a fresh bunch of younger preschoolers appear for another 3 hours.  ack!

I have 7th graders on Monday.  I don't know if that is any more relaxing- but at least the day goes by fast and I am in no way bored!

Witchy Godmother gave me this award!  I've been popping on to her site for a bit now- Mrs. B showcased her and she has a cute and informnative blog.  Plus, I just realized the other day, you can hear her voice on her blog!  weird to put a voice to writing.
this award makes me laugh- she hasn't seen what I am wearing right now :)

OK- peoples, I will try to post more next week... just know I am reading and still enjoying the blogging world!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

yiddish wednesday, tuesday in my town

and...more words to insult by!

Nar ainer! - You fool, you!

Nebbish - A nobody, simpleton, weakling, awkward person

Nishtgutnick - No-good person

Nudnik - Pesty nagger, nuisance, a bore, obnoxious person

the word nervous is yiddish is narvus- I love to see how languages link like this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

And the Winner is...Witchy Godmother!( we can email address info, OK?).
Don't forget I've got another giveaway going on at Mrs. B's today!

(my toes look beautiful in gun metal grey- I picked a kickbutt color)

oh- and I almost finished the hat, I need to edge it, but I think I'll make one in black, leopard isn't thrilling me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


 I'm such a dork, and I love it.  I spent an hour last night looking up dog costumes.  My step-dogger is a huskie, and would never wear a costume.  Even if she did, she'd never look quite as cute as this:
I'd seriously consider buying a baby pug just to train it to be ugly-cute in costumes.  It'd have to be pug mix though because I only get pound puppies.
Now, my poor cat never got the hang of wearing costumes either- I thought he looked like a wonderful lion:

I guess I'll have to buy a pet to dress up that's not living, or maybe a young man, like Diva Eva did: from daily dose of diva

This is more plausible.  Around payday, the 29th- look for a newly adopted friend :) Unless I figure out how to construct on myself prior to then. (the hat is coming along- I hand sew, sew I am slow.)

speaking of scary- have you ever sang the rockabye baby song?  what the ????? put a baby in a tree until the branch and baby fall?
That's why each kid got better songs:  Nolan's was Baby Mine (bette midler)  Tobin was Eidelweiss (the ending was changed to Bless my Tobin forever)  and Lany was a Jimmy Buffet song "Delany talks to statues"  or "Little miss mischief"

Have a great weekend! I probably won't post tomorrow because my oldest bestie is taking me out to get my toes prettified!

Friday, October 15, 2010

award n stuff

Debra at She Who Seeks gave me the Prolific Blogger award- that means I talk a lot.  (grin)  The rules are to also thank the maker of this lovely award- advance booking- isn't it a lovely award?

I'd love to pass it on- but I'd have to pass it to everyone!  Look at my side post with blogs--> almost everyone one of them is someone who blogs just about daily!  If I miss a day, I have to read for hours to catch up!  If you want it- take it, it's pretty- I'm giving it to all of you!  Just link back to advance booing who started it :)

* Hat update- I've started a witch hat out of leopard print material I had here- it's fuzzy and furry, I like it.  I just happen to have leopard print shoes and a belt to match.

I dreamt night before last about my son, Tobin.  The one who died of cancer before he was 3, about 11 years ago....Only, I know these dreams are much more than dreams; they are visits.  Especially since I haven't seen him for about a year, and the veil between our world and the spirit world thins around this time of year (why do you think Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos is in the fall?).  I am always thrilled and saddened after one of his visits.  He is so alive, and I get to hug and kiss him.  I can feel and smell him.  Then I wake, and it's back to living without him.

I worked again today- in another spec ed class.  I was only called idiot a few times.  I was only yelled at twice.  It was a decent day.

It's friday here!  Monday I draw the winner for the pin-up ball, go back to that post and put your name in!  I'm also on Mrs.B's blog on monday for a giveaway.....

Going to finish my homemade hat!  TTYL!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

If I had 30 bucks right now........

I'd be broke again!  Because I was just looking up stuff I can't afford right now, and really want a hat for halloween( all good witches need a proper hat- I had another I liked but don't think my hair would hold one of those that are clipped on tiny and sideways), and came across this:
Is that just tooo cute for kitchen witches?  She's on etsy under REAM04.  The listing for this one is here.

The clip on ones I looked at before are under the link and under the name Witchystarr.  I like them, but blond hair isn't good for clips and such.

Ok- I'm off for now.  I might post yiddish later.  I have work at 1 today.  1-3, weird right?  5th graders, so hopefully they'll be calm.  About yesterday's post:  the kids were special ed.  I am assuming that there are medical reasons they were angry and violent, much like the medical reason I have depression.  I am still wondering why they are allowed to play games I wouldn't let my son play til he was 15 (when he solidly knew that gun and knife play are only for video games).  I also feel that speced teachers are saints.  I can keep calm, I am great with humor, I have tons of patience- but I couldn't do that everyday.  Thanks for your comments and kudos.  I like you all too :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Never again

Most days I go to work armed to the gills with super powers.  Super powers teachers and mothers have.  The power to calm and angry kid, the power to turn defiance into aquiescence, the power to make the sad giggle.  Not today.  My super powers did not work.  These kids were kryptonite.
These kids were 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  All put in a special class.  I am assuming that most of them were in ther for behavioral and social issues.  There were 8 kids, all boys.  And 4 teachers most of the time.  Ocassionally one teacher would take a few of the students to other mainstream classes.  At the end of the day I was left with 4 kids, alone, for 10 minutes. du du du (ominous music)

Throughout the day I was called names- bitch, fucking bitch, evil, brat, etc.  I was told that I was not the boss.  I was stabbed with a pencil.  I was kicked at, hit, and hissed at.  If I tried to help with classwork (amazing how any got done at all), I was ignored or whined at.

These kids have issues.  They have issues with names, official names.  They have special helpers, counselors, certain plans for their school and behavior. 

Why are they like this?  Is it nature?  Nurture?  A little of both?  Why are they being allowed to watch TV with Violence?  How can they be allowed to play violent video games?  Their behavior already leans toward anger and violence,  why are these predilictions being fed?  Where'd they learn those words?  Does their family talk to them like that, or in front of them like that?

When I was alone, one kid knocked over his friend's blocks.  Friend yelled, kid ran, friend jumped up angry with fists cleanched, grabbed a block and pegged kid.  Kid came back to fight, friend was geared up to fight.  Nice older kid stepped between them.  Friend threw himself on beanbag, kid wanted to body slam friend.  I restrained kid by hugging him gently and sitting down with him.  I don't know the legalities of restraining.  Kid's father showed up right then.  Just my luck.  After kid calmed and I let him go- father said "so behavior wasn't that good, huh?"  well------------duh.  Behavior was OK til then.  Not great.  I doubt behavior is ever great.  The kid has no impulse control like everyone else in the class.

I'm tired.  I usually love classes with special kids.  This one was too much for my super powers.  These kids had force fields up against my awesome mommy stare and ever-correcting "I'm going to tell your parents" (or take away recess).  I don't think I'll jump at the chance to visit that class any time soon.  My wounds need time to heal and I need to hone my skills.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday- randomonics

*I'm tired.  The hypochondriac part of me wonders if it is seasonal deficit disorder.

*I want to make the pumpkin pie cake from October Farm's blog, but it would take energy.

*Lisa F. made me laugh because she so called me on my hypocriticalness- I bitch about half naked women right after I post pin-up girls.  LoL.  It's different because, um, I said so.

*I zentangled today and left it with my sub calling card because the 8th graders were on task and required very little help.  Lucky me.

*I have decided that part of my problem is a bad attitude. Maybe.  I'm going to experiment and think happy and positive everytime a negative pops into my head.  If that changes the way I feel, good.  I'm tired of being a moody chick.

*This does not mean if depression flares up that anyone has a right to say "just shake it off". Dont. ever. tell.  me.  that.

*I am officially the mother of an adult.  My son turned 18 today.

* I love fall but hate the stupid voting ads that come with it (in the US- it's horrid!)

*I really want that cake.

*I'm happy you visited me here today!  Hope the rest of the week was as nice as today.

*as nice as today does not mean I want some crazy lady to cut me off so I have to stop by skidding 6 feet on my scooter barely missing the side of her car.  Once in my lifetime was enough.  (Do I burn more calories with an adrenaline rush like that?  if so, where's that cake?)


Monday, October 11, 2010

Lunes Lunacy- Men's shows

Yep, you've heard this one before, but with boyfriend's lifestyle, this is one I seem to bump into on a monthly basis.  Promotional girls- dressed like this-

You'll have seen them if you have gone to any man's expo where they show off manly things like big trucks and guns.  Maybe some quads and motorcycles.  Expos where they sell stuff (not women- actual stuff) and drink beer and adjust themselves in public. 

My issue?  Kids and wives go to these things too.  Lemme write a letter to those with whom I wish to speak:

Dear Manly show vendor,
Yeah- you- the one with barely adult chicks in their underwear.  The chicks with their butt cheeks hanging out.  Or the ones in bikinis.  What are you selling?  what?  Lightbulbs?  really?  all I see is boobs and butt.  Where's the product?  Don't you think your product should be good enough to sell itself?  If your product needs boobs and butt to be sold, maybe you should take it off the market.  (In fact, if those girls are all boobs and butt and nothing else, they should take themselves off the market too- I'd like a daughterinlaw with more substance, please).

Dear Manly Man,
You, the one with kids in the stroller you are pushing through the show.  No, not you, the one who stops at booths with products; the one who is drooling over the "promotional girls".  The one posing and flirting with them.  The one with a young son and daughter watching you as you openly have sex with her with your eyes.  Yes- you.  What are you teaching your son?  Especially when you left home this morning with barely a grunt to mommy and now you are fawning allover the butt and boobs chicks.  I'll tell you what you are teaching your son.  Girls are only about butts and boobs.  Mommy shouldn't be adored or respected because these girls have firmer butts and boobs than mommy.  It's ok to treat girls like meat.  Girls should dress in their undies to go outside, at least girls you want to date.
and your daughter?  the one watching you.  The one in pink and pigtails that swings her chubby arms around your neck every chance she can.  What are you teaching her?  stop and think.  What.  are.   YOU.   teaching.   her????  Do you want her dressed like this for other men to drool over?  Do you want men to fantasize about your baby girl?  Do you want her to sell herself at manly shows? 
That woman that is all butt and boobs is someone's daughter.  She is someone's little pigtailed girl.  She's been taught by society and people like you to wear her chonies in public.  She's been taught that her real value is in her butt and boobs. 

By the way, I am sooo tired of the excuse "sex sells".  Sex only sells because we let it.  Cute sells too.  Put a chubby two year old in your booth and he will sell the crap out of your product.  Oh- good products that people want sell too.  Try that approach.  It's actual selling without prostituting sex or cute.

that's it.  That's my tirade.  Boyfriend wonders why I get so upset.  I really wanted to cry on Saturday at the Manly show.  I had read some forums prior to going in order to find a coupon for the show- and was accosted with manly comments like "well, the show is smaller but at least the bikini girls will cheer me up".  Gawd!  I hope that man doesn't have a spouse- that is all kinds of disrespectful.

I have a fourteen year old daughter who is gorgeous.  Luckily she is being raised by a man who is not like these manly men.  I was also a fourteen year old girl who fell into society's bidding.  I wore sexy clothes to be noticed.  I still continued that through adulthood.  It surely did not help my psyche.  I put too much importance on looks and not enough on my "self".  I don't want that for my daughter, or any daughter.  That's why I cry.

You can link your gripe to my page- if you wish.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here's what I did today..Sunday 10-10-10

I love today's date.  Some kid was born today at 10:10 am- wouldn't that be soooo cool?  I wonder what that means astrologically.

Anyway- I stayed home and played hookie from boyfriend's normal get up before the sun to sell stuff Sunday event.  I slept in- why am I soo tired lately?  I read blogs.  I created some new artist's trading cards.  I'm in a few swaps on swapbot.

First swap is food related.  I'm not done with the cards, I don't think.

The second swap was something with the zentangle PUF.  I am really enjoying these tangles.

I will be posting tomorrow- on that jerk Columbus's holiday- for a lunes lunacy- the gripe will be very similar to a gripe or five I have made before.  Feel free to link to my McLinky tomorrow and gripe along with me.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a quick quip tonight

What I made for dinner..........

It's usually a summer food that my mom used to make- and I didn't take any pictures before I ate it all- But I want to share the recipe...

I have no measurements....

a bag of frozen spinach ( I suppose you could use fresh?) thawed
a can of cream of mushroom soup
ground beef or ground turkey
pita bread

I browned the ground turkey and added some onion flakes, garlic, salt and pepper
then dumped in the spinach- sometimes I need to squeeze the spinach out because it's too wet when it thaws
then added the soup straight from the can- and mixed it all
don't forget to say "boil. boil. toil and trouble" because it's october

put a few slices of cheese or shredded cheese on top if you want

shove into a pita and eat

My kids, sho don't eat spinach, like this with the ground beef.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hellooo! Fellow Bloggers!

Welcome to my blog.  I usually discuss mundane things, stuff in my head, and bits of crafts.  BUT, today, since some of you are followers of Mrs. B, I would love to show you some pretty images I found via Google search- most of them have been posted at one time or another on a website called Sexy Witch.  The images are from various artists, and might be copyrighted- Especially the ones by famous people like Vargas.  By the way, I like art.

Here's a few images, then a giveaway.  If ypu wanna know what I normally write about, check out my other posts :)


Remember ladies- we can't all be Vargas pin-ups, some of us are Coop Pin-ups-
But you sure are all B00-ti-ful!

and in honor of your visit, and of Pin-ups, I am giving this away:

It's a quilt block (or puzzle) ball- handmade and washable.  Here's da rulz:

Say hi in the comment section.  Hopefully you have an email or website I can link to.
then come back on the 18th when I have another giveaway through Mrs. B's website,  I'll announce the new giveaway and the winner for the ball then.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yiddish words for L

ABC Wednesday!  Hello!

Leck, shmeck - Done superficially (lick, smell)

L'chei-im, le'chayim! - To life!
Lobbus - Little monster
Luch in kup - A hole in the head ( " I need this like a luch in kup").

Everytime I hear L'cheim, I start singing the fiddler on the roof song in my head!
One day when my kid was fairly young and cute ( do not let his looks fool you), He decided to put my purse into his swimming pool and squish it repeatedly until it was fully saturated.
I am sure I yelled something similar to, but less lyrical than,
" You little Lobbus!  I need this like I need a Luch in kup!"  and then I gave him a leck, smeck type of mommy glare, as I can't stay mad at his cuteness.
Come back tomorrow!  I have a giveaway and a lot of pretties!
Today I am giving away a blog award I recieved!
yes, it says Zombie Rabbit award!

Lisa F from Peripheral Perceptions passed it moi, because I am halloweeny! I thought it would be perfect to pass to some of the new witchy blogs I have discovered! 
are my newest blog discoveries and I have been enjoying them!  come get your Zombie award!

See you all tomorrow- I am going to see if Blogger will actually post the post I plan for tomorrow at the right time, not tonight when I push post, but when I set my timer for.  It hasn't worked lately for me.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It just had to be Tuesday, didn't it?

I went looking through the thesaurus for a nice word for conglomeration or random crap. I needed a t-word for Tuesday alliteration. All I could find was Tuesday trove. It doesn't sound as good as Monday Miscellany. But Monday is already Lunes Lunacy until I run out of things to grump about.

So, here's a pile of randomness- a trove of tales, per se.
Exactly what does per se mean?

For anyone Witchy or interested in religious issues- You HAVE to read this blog today. It's infuriating and sad.  Lyn shows us how some religions are just never taken seriously and how some people have an issue with "one-up-manship"

I've been fixated on Zentangles, and I signed up for a ATC swap with a zentangle on Swap bot.  For those artists out there who feel like collecting and trading art, including artist trading cards- try swapbot.  I got fixated on the zentangle blogs in my side bar ----> For hours last night.  As soon as I am done posting stuff today on boyfriend's shopping site, I am going to tangle my heart out.  Here's a few I practiced last night.  It is very relaxing.
The makers of zentangles actually host fabulous art workshops where they create huge zentangles and manuscripted letters.  I also want to try zentangle mandalas.  You can be registered as a zentangle teacher after going through a series of classes- how cool is that?  This would be right up my alley- teaching and art.

Another thing I have done is create a book to cover my nook.  I was going to buy one- but why buy one when you can make one with stuff you have lying around?  I used and old journal I was sweetly given but not going to write in, and fabric I already had.  A little bit of clear elastic and some sewing and wahlaa!

I sewed a suprise that will be a give-away on Mrs. B's blog around mid month.  I also have done a bit of planning for Mrs. B's hoarde to visit me on Thursday.  If you don't understand- Mrs. B is a Pagan Soccer Mom who hosts a huge blog party every October full of giveaways, guest bloggers, and a blog visit every day.  I get visitors on Thursday- so I have to do a bit of baking and cleaning :)

I've been pleasantly suprised this month.  I don't really talk about this- but I think I need to right now. For those of you who don't believe in magic, substitute the word prayer or wish instead of magic or spell- OK?
I decided to use the candle I won in a giveaway a few months ago. It was a wonderful attraction kit with oil, candle, and lodestone.  MMMM the oil smells so good. So, a few weeks ago I pulled out the candle, annointed it with oil, and did a spell- Mine don't always rhyme, I don't buy them, I write them in my head and do what feels right- sending my intentions out into the world.  For good measure, I put attraction oil on my business cards as well.  Jobs have been coming in like crazy!  Teachers have been requesting me.  I love it.  Today I did a meditation, also chose a few books to sell on amazon, let my job wishes be known and mentioned something about money for good measure.  I put the books on Amazon to sell and then went outside to get the mail.  In the mail my mommy had sent me some fun money, and as soon as I got inside my email beeped that I sold a book!  cool, huh?  The really neat thing I like about magic is that it requires you to work for what you want- I can't just say I need money and work then do nothing.  I have to get online to look for jobs, give out my cards, get a good work-ethic repuation, etc.  But sometimes, people like my wonderful mommy just give me an extra bonus!

Also, did I show you dotee doll faces I made?

I woke up feeling good today.  I didn't get a job, but I had plans to zentangle.  I'm going to write down as many patterns as I can- they remind me of quilts but without the sewing or expense of fabric.  Maybe I'll manuscript a letter or mandala too.  But first I am going to make Chicken and dumplings because it is rainy outside.  I might bake snickerdoodles too.  Then I am going to work on boyfriend's website.  Then I am going to play.  Fall is in the air and I am feeling groovy!