Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Straighten up and fly (oops) right.

My mom recommended that I meditate more.  I think she thinks I need to calm down.  It's true, I do.  So, I've been doing a bit of magic and meditation daily.  I've also again tried to find my "spirit animal". In case you don't know what a spirit animal is:
a spirit animal is a spiritual animal who is there to guide you or teach you a lesson.  There are also power animals that link to your personality and totem animals.  The concepts are all shamanistic and similar.

So, one particular meditation I mentally asked "what is my spirit animal?"  and an answer came back!  Supposedly, I am supposed to meditate my way on a walk through a forest and my animal will appear.  But in meditative walks, I'd plant animals I like there:  a cat, a crow, a rat, a spider.  I didn't think any of these could be my animal because it seemed too easy that I liked them.  They might be a power animal- I can see how I'd link to a crow or spider easily.  But... Someone told me in my head (was it my muse talking to me again?) that it was an emu.

An Emu?  the only interaction I've had with an emu was slightly negative.  The bird was peckish and angry and hissssed at me.  It hissed at Me, lover of all things animal!  Why the heck would some spirit play such an odd practical joke on me and call this thing my power animal?

I spent some time looking up this bird. In real life, the bird is kinda cool.  It'll steal food and follow people around.  I always like mischievous critters (ahem, crow).  In shamanistic or spirit animal circles, it has some lessons that fit me.


The Emu is a symbol of blame and forgiveness. In many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories the Emu is cast as a troublesome, unreasonable and quarrelsome creature, who missed special opportunities and friendships due to the instigation of conflict. The message of the Emu is the examination of personal fears, unrealistic expectations and communications to bring harmony to relationships"

OK- I have to interject here! I dreamt the other night how I was in an airport with way too much luggage.  I had crap falling out of the luggage everywhere.  I couldn't find my passport or glasses.  I couldn't see anything with blurry eyes.  I was even, apparently, trying to pack a lawn mower- that's way too much luggage.  At one point, my birth father (sperm donor) came up and talked to me.  He remained on the other side of the wall, but he talked to me.  Just him being in a dream about luggage made me think that there was a message for me here.
Message?: I carry too damn much luggage.  It's my own decision.  I carry personal fears and unrealistic expectations.  I carry hurts and pains and bitterness for too long.  I can't see how people put up with me- I am a pain in the butt (grin)(but I am)

OH- and I tend to get quarrelsome.  Not on purpose.  Just when I am the mood for a good debate, or when I can't understand why people do something.  I ask them why- and I really want to know- really want to understand- but it comes our like a peckish bird.
Emu’s Wisdom Includes:

Travel and Adventure


Faithfulness to Your Partner


Action and Attentiveness

Inner Fire


Emu is a powerful teacher and guide. It promotes spiritual excellence and achievement by encouraging diligence, hard work, respect and humility in the lives of those it visits. Emu demands great application of time, energy and love to all spiritual pursuits and can guide those who seek knowledge down paths of wisdom.
 When emu appears in your life, it is time to apply some mettle and hard work to your situation. Emu doesn't permit laziness, and emu energy is not very relaxing or soothing.
Until this week I had been sitting on the couch and sleeping til noon.  School's in sessiona nd heck yeah- I better get moving.  I'm also working on getting a more stable job.  But emu was right- these things are not knocking on my door, I need to find them.
The freedom thing comes with the changes my life has been going through in the past few years- no longer is my life dictated by elementary school schedules or schooling.  I have my degree.  My kids take great care of themselves and live with their dad.  I now need to buck up and get moving- I have no excuses. 
The faithfullness thing is huge- faithful, not as in cheating, but as in trusting.  I have to stop being a doubter, a pusher, a nagger.  I have to realize that this relationship with boyfriend is not other relationships.  He's a different person.

All aspects of journeying are indicated when the presence of emu is about. Emu energy pushes those who practice visualisation or shamanic journeying in the direction of performing these rituals more often for spiritual sustenance. But emu's presence also refers to literal every day journeys; those that nourish us. How often do you go to the doctor's or dentist's for a check up? How often do you take yourself out to places where you can nurture your physical body, or stimulate your mind? Emu pushes all people to make more frequent journeys.

Yeah, how often?

On a more 'everyday' level, the presence of emu can warn against themes of infidelity, adultery or concepts relating to 'cheating'. It may be something which has occurred, or that you worry about. Emu reminds us that infidelity is not, like many events that we judge, either 'good' or 'bad.' As with many things, it can have healthy and unhealthy consequences.
Though I do always love a lesson in consequences.  It's true.  We get what we earn and deal with it.

When emu decides to communicate with you, you generally know about it! Emu gets in touch through deep noises. The sounds of cars backfiring, the 'oom' of the emu itself, or the base thump of loud music in a car speeding by. Emu communicates its presence in a primal way, through drum beats, booming and thumping. Emu is the animal that stirs the undergrowth, that thuds across the land when it runs with others of its kind, that crashes into the fence that holds it at bay.
I live near Los Angeles- Emu talks to me a lot.
Emu encourages you to pay attention! And emu can teach you how to communicate in a way that makes others stand up and take notice of what you have to say. Emu can be a very powerful, primal orator, and teaches this to others.
Though I should think before I orate.

Those who fear or dislike emu may find that wish for excellence and achievement, yet consistently neglect to put any work into their endeavours. They might be all talk, no action. They might mean well at the beginning, but get distracted. Emu tells you to focus! Connect with spirituality as a source of energy and commit yourself to something. You only find excellence and achievement if you work, and work hard.
True that.
Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Emu is a task-master, and a demanding totem animal. Emu responds to people who are strong-minded, law-abiding, willful but respectful. He will sometimes accept offerings of crystal and stone, casuarina (sheoak) needles, and effigies of himself before appearing in visualisation or in a shamanic journey. When emu shows up during journeying, he usually is there to play an active role and can be very firm about pointing you in the direction he wants you to go.
Great, now an animal is going to push me around.  But- he never showed himself to me, he has someone announce him- so now do I have to draw or sew an Emu so he'll come around and get this lesson on with?
Emu can be an impatient teacher, and because he demands excellence, will walk away from those who are naturally lazy or unable to apply themselves to tasks. If you are approaching emu, think twice about whether you are able - at this time in your life - to satisfy whatever requirements or requests that he may have. Offending emu can have far-reaching consequences in the spirit world, and for the reason I don't recommend that beginners approach him.

But he approached me, so I better straighten up and fly (oooh- bad irony) right.
they have such pretty eggs! 


Her Mom said...

I think I'd have to debate the "pretty legs" concept there. But otherwise, Emu could very well be your animal. I suspect he will show himself in unusual ways, when he is ready to. I suspect you cannot will him to appear. Listen.

SuziCate said...

Pretty legs..lol. I find this interesting. My friend was telling me about totems...I think I conjured my own, a bobcat. I have a really hard time keeping my mind uncluttered...I think I project my own images, ha! So, I think bobcats are awesome. However my muse is walrus.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sometimes our power animal is not the one we expected! But they are always the one we need.

Lyn said...

Emu... that's interesting. I'm not really fond of birds (not since a parrot bit me) but you've found some cool stuff about Emus. Now you've got me curious about my animal which I hope isn't a parrot.

Barb said...

Just remember this: Your Mom is always right... Meditation is good, stillness is calming, the Emu is a fitting totem if/when you're ready.

LisaF said...

You've really put a lot of thought into this decision! But, it's going to be really difficult to get those feet into a pair of cute boots for the fall. :-)