Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Yiddish for J

So, I'll post an update about my week and discuss the benefits of my ride.
Isn't she lovely?
This week has been pretty darn OK.  I worked tuesday and today as a sub.  Both teachers (like one I met last week) asked me for my card so they could call me again as they like to reuse the same subs who are familiar with the class.  I was also able to say hi to my favorite preschool teacher and aide who will be booking me later in the year when she has meetings.  YAY!  Future jobs are good.

Sooo, in order to get to these jobs, I hop on Bruumhilde in the picture up there.  Here's the benefits:  She gets 110 miles per gallon.  Her insurance and registration each cost under a hundred per year.  I can smell fresh coffee and donuts in the air each morning.  I can't overspend at a store because I don't have a trunk in which to carry loads of things. 
Since I am in Southern California, rain rarely interupts my drive- I think 2 days last year I found an alternative mode of transportation.  and, I am getting really good at anticipating idiot drivers.

Off to get stuff together for a 1/2 day job tomorrow. 



Her Mom said...

Additional proof that you are braver than I. I like heavy metal around me when in traffic. Which is why I'd never ski - no protection around me. And I know for a fact that the trees will reach out and grab you.

Happy glad you're getting work! This is a wonderful thing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Vroom vroom!

Lyn said...

You look cute on the moped! If I didn't have 3 young kids I'd get one too although I'd probably spend more time looking for alternative transport 'cause of all the rain.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I am so jealous right now! I wish New York City was the kind of place where I could survive in such transport, but as I see it, I would probably get run over by a MINI Cooper in the summer or freeze to death in the winter.

Thanks the Gods for trains and buses! I've driven my MINI twice this month, and I'm okay with that.

And yes, she looks precious!

I must echo Debra "Vroom vroom!"

Mara said...

The Dutch (and German) word for Yiddish is spelled with a J, sounding like the y in yiddish and yellow. So to me you did fulfill your j!

I have been thinking about getting a small moped, but then again I only have like fifteen minutes cycling to do in the morning/afternoon/evening/night...

LisaF said...

It's interesting that there aren't any Yiddish words beginning with the letter J. Sounds like there are many, many benefits to owning a moped! The smell of coffee and donuts being at the top of the list!