Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunes Lunacy

This is going to be a quick one- I am realllly tired and have a cold I need to beat before tomorrow.
I don't know why the other blog post I had written to be scheduled for Friday did not appear~ Oh well, I'll post it tomorrow.

My gripe for the week.  The word Immediately.  People say UH-mediately.  It's not UH.  I is never UH.  It can be said as an eye sound like ibuprophen.  Though eye-mediately sounds weird.  It can be said like an ih sound as in interm.  Ih-mediately.  It might even be said with and eeee sound like irrevocable.  EE-mediately.  Though I might even fight you on that because I noticed the eee sound is only in words that follow the i with an R.  Irrestistable.  Irrelevant.

While we are at it- I'd like everyone to stop using apostrophes ( ' ) in plural words, please.  It's not taco's.  Unless taco is a guy and we are talking about something he owns.  Like Taco's truck.  The little ' symbol denotes ownership, not more than one.  The girls went to the store.  It's the girls' store (that means the store belongs to more than one girl).  It's the girl's store (that means the store belongs to one girl). 

I know- I know.  In my blog posts I use poor grammar, misspell lots of things, and use bad punctuation and odd characters like ~ and - .  But it's artistic license! It took me a long time to learn to misspell words in order to text or write in a conversational tone.  I still cringe when I write dunno, but sometimes it is better than do not know.  Ya know?

that's it.  I'm going back to bed.  I already ate a souper meal because chicken noodle soup is supposed to help.  My mommy would tell me to take alka seltzer plus cold medicine.  Or use aloe vera.  I already took a cold medicine, mommy, and I have vick's vapor rub.

ttyl! K


Lyn said...

Oh, K, hope you feel better soon!

Leeanna said...

Take care of yourself sweetie. My goodness, everyone's getting sick around here.

Carol said...

Well, you'd better give Vick his vapor rub back when you're done with it. And if you use it all, buy him a new one. In which case, I'd suggest Vicks Vapor Rub (hee hee, I got'cha!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I put the apostrophe in there on purpose (purposely). Vick created the vapor rub. Like it should be Ralph's grocery store.
neener neener.

Her Mom said...

I really hate it when you turn out to be right, although in my defense, the label has no apostrophe. However, when I Googled it and got to Wikipedia,, I found you are, technically, right. Aargh! Hate that!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I blame it on the company. They should read my blog and figure out that they need an apostrophe in the name. It's the dumbing down of America spurned by major corporations. Do you know how many kids think light is spelled lite? or doughnut is donut (though I will accept that for some reason). Advertisments brainwash our kids into spelling incorrectly.