Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lunes Lunacy

My mom got way ahead of me- primarily because she was on time and I wasn't.  Lunes is Monday in Spanish, and I planned to post my Monday gripe, but I actually worked yesterday and then went out with a friend after work.  In between I scored a half day job I already did today, made dinner, and washed the dog- so I ran out of time for blogging.
Here's my mom's concoction of gripes- some are quite funny. Like an egg on a BBQ>

and here's my gripe for today:
It comes from the headlines last week.  I accidentally watched the news, which means the people around me have to hear me screaming "what an idiot" at the TV.  Yep, the news is full o'idiots.  This day was no better.

The backstory:
Some dude, who happened to be a Guatemalan immigrant, was walking around the street brandishing a knife.  He waved it at a lady and child, I believe, threatening them.    The police, thinking this was trouble waiting to happen, approached the guy asking him to put down his weapon and come with them.  The dude lunged at the police!  With a knife!!! intending to hurt the police!!! One policeman (who happened to be of Mexican descent, I believe) shot him.
The whole city was in an uproar!  The people, all "minorities" were deeply upset that a cop would shoot an immigrant.  They were upset deadly force was used.  They were angry and accusing the police if racism- saying that police kill a lot of minorities every year purposely.

WTH? Every time a non-white is touched by the police, all of Los Angeles goes into an uproar.  Sentences like "he was a good kid, he didn't deserve to be hurt", or "the cops are all racist and mean", or "why aren't the punishing the cops?"

WAIT! WAIT! Your good kid was in a gang and tried to kill the arresting policeman.  Or that Guatemalan might have been a nice man, but he was shoving a knife at everyone near him.  Your friend, who was hispanic/black/ asian was arrested by an officer of the same race, how can that be racist? 

Yep, sometimes police can get a little carried away with the firepower.  But usually not.  They are trained years and years to use their gun when necessary to protect themselves and society around them. 

HOWEVER- let's start taking a little responsibility for our actions, m'kay?  If your son is a gun wielding gangster, he's likely to be hurt (by a cop or another gangster), and quite frankly, I think he deserves it- to be hurt or locked up, as he has most likely hurt, injured, or maimed someone through violence or drugs.  If your husband is running around shoving a knife into people's faces, I don't care if he is the Queen of Sheba, steps need to be taken to restrain him, and if those steps get to the point where he is shot, too bad.  Yeah, I said it, too bad.  He endangered his own life when he grabbed that knife and shoved it at the officer.  The officer took the steps he felt necessary (I am certain officers don't just kill to have another stick in their tally).

If that officer decided not to shoot a man who was lunging a knife at your kid, we'd hear about that too.  What's the officer supposed to do?  I'll tell you- the officer is NOT supposed to make you happy picking and choosing who to protect and who to subdue.  The officer is supposed to subdue the BAD GUY.  If your kid or husband, who happens to be of a "minority" race, is the BAD GUY- then the cops should do what they deem necessary.  That's it.  End of story.

I'm sick of hearing whiny people complaining about those who protect them and their family.  I'm sick of expectations that people be treated special because of their skin color (we should all be treated equally).  I'm sick of people making excuses or allowences for their poorly behaving kids.  Get a grip,  Take responsibility.  Thank a cop.


Her Mom said...

Three cheers for that one! The big missing link in much of today's society: failure to accept responsibility for our actions.

AlphaBetsy said...

I completely agree. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. You can not be surprised that you get shot if you were stabbing a knife at a police officer, I don't care who you are. Shut up, Grow up and Man up. The world does not owe you anything.

SuziCate said...

On the money with this one...key word...responsibility! Too much throwing around the race card instead of owning up. Police are here to do a job...facts first, race second. Society these days try to put the blame of their on actions on the nearest scapegoat. It's a shame. And if someone had been harmed by that man, what then? Jail? Deportation? But what about the innocent people who were harmed? Policemen are seriously underpaid and congress and celebrities seriously overpaid.

LisaF said...

I can promise you one thing. If I'd been that woman with a child, and had a C&C license and a gun, I'd have done the same thing, without regard for the color of this skin. But that's the momma bear in me.

Barb said...

Responsibility is a biggy with me, too. I wonder why it seems so lacking?