Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ABC = K (my favorite letter!)

It's ABC Wednesday- I've found quite a few Yiddish K words on yiddish word websites- some I've cut and pasted

KASNIK- hothead (they have a lot of words for this, don't they?)

KIBITZ: To offer comments which are often unwanted during a game, to tease or joke around. A kibitzer gives unasked for advice.

KINE-AHORA: A magical phrase to ward off the evil eye or to show one's praises are genuine and not tainted by envy. ( I have to check out these terms- this interests me)***

KISHKA: Intestines, belly. To hit someone in the "kishka" means to hit him in the stomach or guts.

KLUTZ: An awkward, uncoordinated person.

KLOP: a hard punch

KOSHER: Refers to food that it prepared according to Jewish law. More generally kosher means legitimate
KRANK- sick

KVELL: To beam with pride and pleasure, Jewish parents are prone to kvell over their children's achievements.

KVETCH: To annoy or to be an annoying person, to complain.

KVITSCH- scream

(Here's one for British readers) Knacker- a big shot

The Knacker kept kibitzing with the kvetch next to me.  They were so loud, I wanted to kvitsch, but instead I gave the kibitzer a klop in the kishka making him feel krank.  In order not to appear like a kasnik, I pretended to trip, called myself a klutz, and lamely apologized.

OH! I give up.  I was going to post a picture by googling "punch stomach"  but on something like page ten, I actually saw an up close picture of a woman's vagina.  I, of course, wondered what it had to do with punch and stomach so I went to the website.  Some forum asked people to post pictures of naked chicks that had been sent to their cell phones.  One guy had a disgusting story about punching and stomach.  I never expected to see a vagina up close when googling either of those terms.



Carol said...

I am not a Kasnik, but I do kibitz and I am a bit of a Klutz sometimes. Especially when dog is right in front of me and suddenly stops walking.

Jingle said...

cool k post..

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm loving these words, but youyr story about the vagina IS KINDA yucky.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

LisaF said...

Well, you hit the motherload today! What an eclectic Kollection of K words. The Google story may be waaayyy too much information...

I see you are getting ready for Halloween with a new header? :-)

Anonymous said...

Your tag line got my attention off the bat and then I saw you were using Yiddish. This is win win for me.

A great post and, so far, a great blog. I'm going to nose around for a bit. Keep an eye out for me.

Lyn said...

I've never heard 'Knacker' being referred to as a big shot.

Knacker, or most commonly, Knackers are slang words for testicles here!!

And in the old days when horses were put to work they'd end up in the Knacker's Yard (often to be turned into glue).

Lyn said...

Forgot one more... one I use all the time. To be knackered is to be worn out!

Sara Katt said...

Meow! Oh my! You have K-words that I have never heard of!
My blog is G-rated so I don't know about some of the things you have written about.
Sara Cat

Sara Cat's K-words [abcW7]

Mara said...

We have a word in Dutch (kibbelen) that means to bicker which could well come from kibitz. Brilliant!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I wonder of that's where our word "quibble" comes from. Sounds like they are similar and related words all meaning argue

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Continue the informative posts.