Thursday, September 30, 2010

The best thing about my job

For those of you who don't know, I am a substitute teacher.  Everytime I say this, I think of Peggy Hill from the cartoon show "King of the Hill".  She's been known to say in her Texan accent " I am a substitute Spanish Teacher, los estudiantes son mis amigos"

What is it with Google search?  I googled Peggy Hill in Images and there are two pictures of Peggy in pornographic poses!

The reasons I love my job:
* I get a do-over every day.  If one day sucks, the next day will be different.  Sometimes I get a do-over mid day with two classes.  I can actually create a do-over by announcing to the class after a break "this is how we are going to behave differently the rest of the day", or " this is how I messed up earller" (depending on the circumstances.

* I can pick and choose.  I'm not too choosy because I like to work.  But If I only want to work certain days- I only work those days.  If I only like certain grades, I only accept jobs from those.  If I need a day off, I take it by either not booking a job for that day or by canceling a job ( another sub will take it in 3 seconds)

*I work some classes repeatedly and the students and teachers know me.  My favorite one of these I worked today- it's a preschool class.  I just dig those little guys.  I get 20 hugs goodbye every time.

* I get other bonuses too besides hugs- I get dandelions, little trinkets or candies, a round of applause, a "you're cool" from a teenybopper, and sometimes PTA gives me delicious mexican food and cookies (like yesterday).  Often, the schools will have coffee as well.  The school I worked at today always has hot coffee ready when I come in.

*I get home before 4 every day. Some days I am home before noon.

* I pick my attire.  No khaki pants and red polos for me!  I wear whatever I want (as long as it isn't inappropriate, but no one wants to see ME in inapprpriate clothing anyway (especially me).  I like to dress up a bit most of the time.  I really love skirts and nice shirts and heels.  I also love dresses.  But with the ankle, I've been wearing flats.  and with the weather and current closet choices, my dresses aren't as dressy and sometimes have capri leggings under them.  I still look like a teacher.

* I have a whistle.  and I use it.

* It's my job to talk and play with kids,.  all day long. 

* Every school is under 10 miles away.

*Kids are funny.  I laugh and smile often (especially with my little guys)

* I am practically my own boss. I deal only with the kids (who rank under me).  I do have to report to the school and teacher, but I am never questioned or second guessed.  I am respected (mostly- I don't work highschool :)  )

* I get recess.

* I go on field trips.  To the zoo.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Peggy Hill! But you're much cooler than she is, I'm sure!

Her Mom said...

I love it! Having fun at work makes a happy life. Having work helps too.

Leeanna said...

That's so cool. Find the job you love and the money will come.

Lyn said...

I am SO jealous about the whistle! You're the kind of teacher my younger son would adore - move over here K!!

D.Suplicki said...

Being a substitute teacher sounds awesome and you certainly look teacherly, yet hip, in your little pink dress!

Also, I spy Imogene's Antlers behind you! I loved that book. :)

Mara said...

The best thing I ever received was an ordinary mug with writing (done with a black marker) on it. It was however given to me by the students. The teachers on that trip gave me some horrible smelling soap as an afterthought. But if I had to choose, dandelions given to me by pre-schoolers would be my absolute favourite!

SuziCate said...

Recess - YAY! That alone makes it wonderful!