Wednesday, August 11, 2010

YouwannaPlaywithme? Huh?YES?

Add another point to the YES list.  You know, the list that I mentally write to see if I am weird and perhaps crazy.  My sad is followed by hyper.  It might be coincidental.  It might be hormonal.  It might be the new moon.  who knows.
But not last night but the night before I couldn't sleep.  Seriously, I did not fall into slumber until 4:30 am.  I went to bed at 10 pm.  I lay there 6 and a half hours with my muses screaming in my head.  I have more than one I am sure.  One must be a hyper five year old boy.  All he wants to do is color and paint and cut and glue.  He, kindly enough, planned my Holiday gifts for me though.  Yep.  He yelled in my head for hours- "what if we do this?" and I am like, "um, noooo- not everyone will like that"  and he's like, "or this?" and I'm thinking "that's a possibility"  and we worked together til we ironed down a plan for mass produced homemade holiday gifts that I can individualize.
The other muse must be hungry.  She wants corn fritters, shrimp, and zuchini.  I didn't feel like going to the store yesterday, so she is still whining about the food.  She was planning my shrimp all night.  "Should we fry it?", I'm like "No, it's not good for you"- she's thinking, "can we garlic and saute it?" and I'm saying "No, boyfriend's dad does not like garlic".  So we agreed we should marinate it in some citrusy thing and then maybe BBQ it.  I was saying we should have rice pilaf with it, but she was throwing a tantrum about corn fritters.  I agreed.  Then, she was whining about zuchini- so luckily, The Kitchen Witch posted a recipe today about sexified zuchini- it's a recipe, get your mind out of the gutter.
A third muse is sorta quiet- but gnawing.  He's the one that collects things I wanna do.  I think this muse is a gay man.  He really likes to look at wedding blogs and pretty house blogs.  He loves tea parties and shabby chic. I am not sure if it is him, or my five year old muse that enjoys blogs like The Kathryn Wheel. (As you can see, I am so hyper, every blog I read today inspired me).  He, my gay muse, has decided that I want to get involved in uplifting projects.  He pulled out a woman's day article about  The article has post it notes with nice things written on them, apparently, you can stick post it notes in public places to send positive messages to strangers.  My gay muse and I both love this idea.  Also, he wants to do a project with toys : The Toy Society.  This is where (apparently he and I) make a toy, and leave it somewhere to be found and taken home by strangers.  Coolio, huh?

Well, That's fitting- I think I have 3 muses.  LOL

(wait- there are nine in Greek mythology- and they are all gorgeous chicks.)

so, hyper old me read through blogs prior to posting- and now I have to share.  Seriously, (that's my word lately)- I am not the kind of girl who forwards emails and crud- If I mention it, it should be worth a few moments of yours!
This one, Sprite's Keeper, is so sweet- if you are a parent, you have to read it.
AND, Ramblings of a Domestic Goddess posted about a profound zen moment of hers.  Go read it, come back and tell me what I should name my whiney, crybaby, pain in the butt, partypooper self.
Finally, Mama Kat posted the most awesome lip-sync I have ever ever ever seen.  This woman is amazing, and all my muses loved it.

OKAY- I am off to creat- presents, dinner, and apparently things to give away to strangers.  anyone want to join me?


Anonymous said...

I think you should name yours "Martha" because sheeiit girl, if you could bottle that up you'd give Martha Stewart a run for her money!

Mara said...

You stayed in bed for six hours, even though you couldn't sleep? I would have given up after three hours...

Her Mom said...

Okay, you go girl! And while you're writing sticky notes, post some around your room so when you're feeling down you find those little reminders of what's good about life!

Kathy said...

You are the second person I read/talked with today who hardly slept last night. Must be something in the air. The moon maybe? Aren't the voices in our heads something? Will head off to look at some of the posts you mentioned.

SuziCate said...

Hate it when those dang muses keep me up! But when I actually get up, they disappear!!!