Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why I Blog

Aunt Becky asked us to blog about why we blog- and gave some very good advice to bloggers out there (be authentic). So, I'm gonna hop on Aunt Becky's wagon train (I hope there's no cholera) and talk about why I blog- which is strangely linked to my mommy's blog the other day.

I started this blog because I have voices in my head.  Yeah- you've already heard about the muses, and they talk a lot.  I also seem to write letters in my head constantly.  I write about things that peeve me- about things I want to do- about things I love.  Sometimes I actually write these things down on facebook or as a letter to the editor.  Sometimes, much to the chagrin of those around me, I speak about these things.  I also love a debate- bring it on! and find myself debating things far into the night.  I write debates instead of sleeping.  I'm pretty good at it.

I like that others have something to say- that's why I read blogs.  I also like that others comment on my blog.  I didn't think it would matter (but I am secretly sad that no one wanted to gripe with me, except my mommy out of duty :))

So, what you get here is the real authentic me- the me who thinks she is crazy- the me who goes through mood swings- the me who believes things you may not.  I say it like I feel it, I try not to be rude and pushy, though sometimes I may read that way.  I respect that others don't agree with me, but I also maintain my right to think the way I do, and to voice my opinion.  In the US, it's written in indelible ink- the freedom of speech.  (I was on a board on facebook where we were suppose to openly dicuss religion- but had to drop them when they censored me because I tried to support the right for others to view Wicca in two ways (one is initiatory and handed down via Gardner's followers- the other is a mishmash of what we know outside a traditional coven and is self dedicatory)).  I have my own view about that (I think it is initiatory much like the secret societies of old)- but I support others who wish to think differently).

I had hoped that writing this would be good for me- as a way to self explore, a way to get creative juices bubbling again - it has been both good and bubble making.  I feel better after I express myself, I think it helps me learn about my thinking and feeling process, and I have been painting more this last few months and have ideas for my next two projects already spinning in my head.  I woke up the muses!

(old art- 2005ish)
I also hoped that this would be a way for others to understand me.  I don't know if it helps.  I also don't think that those people I wish really knew me, those that don't already really know me but think they do, read this as often as they should.  I mean, I am giving people and insight to what I want and need- it's practically a manual to me- and don't men always say that women should come with instructions? Here they are!

There are some things I don't talk about- I am sure if they start gnawing at me more, I will (I never mentioned why I was so upset at boyfriend- see?  I can keep some things private) (for a moment).  and I don't want to make this blog about one facet of me.(I have blogs I read that are solely about being a witch or soley about cooking, and it is not as exciting as blogs that are a conglomeration of thoughts).  Ya'll really don't want to hear about my gripes or about my moods every day anyway- and I don't want people patting me on the back telling me things are gonna be alright everyday either. 

I want a blog that's much like a conversation over coffee, tea, or grown-up drinks.  It, the blog or conversation, goes where it goes, naturally.  It can be about anything and everything.  Things can be personal and in hushed tones, other times we will laugh so loud the whole cafe looks at us.

so that's me- open and bared to you in a pretty blog with a bow.  Love me or leave me :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great reasons to blog! I enjoyed seeing your art too -- glad the muses are stirring again!

Not Hannah said...

Love you. That's about it.

Her Mom said...

What It comes down to, I think,is that the reason doesn't really matter. The feelings do. If blogging fills a need for the individual, that's the most important part. If others read and enjoy, that's a wonderful bonus! Keep those muses going!

SuziCate said...

I am glad you blog! I like those voices in your head...think they're related to the ones in mine!

Judy said...

Go for it...better blogging that keeping it all inside and being more of a basketcase...