Friday, August 27, 2010


I had planned to post about random things anyway- but Yoli at Creative Flair cemented the deal by posting a McLinky for the Random blog post.  So here are today's thoughts and plans of randomness:

I was looking for links for ATC swaps- (I posted a link on yesterday's blog comments about what an ATC is- but I'll 'splain again: an ATC is a trading card created in the size of a playing card- it is decorated in any manner with any subject- google the word and you will see how fun and pretty they are)- anyway~ I found swap-bot.  It's a cool online conglomeration of people and groups that host swaps of various kinds.  I found an ATC group, but I also found some more interesting things. (If you want to trade ATCs with me- the skelly ones- my email address is Alphabetsy, I didn't want to muddle your blog with this reply and I didn't see where I could email you directly.  We could exchange addresses and set a date for the time they should be mailed out)

I found a group that swaps zentangles.  The link will show you what it is.  funny thing is, I've been creating zentangles on my notes or notebook all through school without realizing that they are an art form:
Then I found a group for dotee dolls.  I've made these before too! except without the requisite tail.  I thought these would be cool to make and trade, and maybe even drop off in random places for the Toy Society.

Which then caused me to add a few blogs to my must read list.  I swear, I'll be on all day if I keep adding more.  My mom had to do the same with the blog Kitchen Witch after looking at the nummy tomato and peach salad recipe.

Then today, I was reading through all the blogs I subscribe too- and this one caught my eye: Go out beneath the naked Night posted an item about these cute frogs- you have to check it out!

thats a real full grown frog!

Finally, Mrs. B at Confessions of a pagan Soccer mom is starting to take applications for giveaways, guest bloggers, and haunted blogs for her 31 days of Halloween.  So I will be changing my background for halloween and hopefully participating in her 31 days.

I need to know how to add a link to a badge like this when I post it on the side of my page- does blogspot allow for that?
Other than that, I worked a bit more on the skellys, I met up with my kids for a nice dinner in an airconditioned restuarant, I realized I can never spell restaurant, I started my holiday gifts, and I made plans to hit the fabric store before too long for a few bits of halloween fabric.  No, I didn't work on the quilt yet. Someday~ I have a year after marriage to send a gift, don't I? lol.  Today I'll be making applesauce and lemon chess pie.



Creative Flair said...

Thanks for linking up! That is 100% random.

Lyn said...

I've never seen dotee dolls before. Don't you think the ones in the photo you posted look a bit like Madonna?

You've got to stop finding excellent blogs... I'm spending too much time in the blog world lol!

Her Mom said...

Random - I think that's a wonderful word for you! Is there an art form you haven't tried? I used to think you caught the creative bug from me, but yours is a much larger bug than mine!

Her Mom said...

OH yeah, and I like your new background. Is this the one that's for Halloween, or is that yet to come (it is orange, after all, and you are wearing black, after all).

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I think I'll change it again in October. This is too sunny for Halloween. I also want to redo the banner with a current picture triptect (sp) of me.

Andy said...

In order to add the badge to your side bar, sign in to your blogger dashboard. Click on DESIGN. Locate your side bar and click on ADD A GADGET. That should bring up a popup window. Enter your TITLE and under CONTENT add your code. Click on SAVE. Back to the DESIGN mode you should see your new entry. If you are not satisfied with the layout click and drag it to position your would like it to appear in.
I would suggest that create a test blog to try things out first. You can set the SETTINGS so that only you can see the blog.

f8hasit said...

I've never seen a dotee doll before. Freaky and amazing all at the same time! I'm in the same mindset as you...some mornings I find that I'm pushing off some of the thingd I need to accomplish around home because I need to read...just one more blog post.

SuziCate said...

Love your blog make over! I've never seen a dotee doll, very cool. I can't believe you're going to start your holiday, you make me look bad; I always wait way too late to get started!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I used to have holiday gifts done by now- and homemade hand stamped handcolored cards as well. Because I usually do mostly homemade gifts. This year I started one that I can basically give to most people. I'll make some other cute ornaments or something to go with it.

AlphaBetsy said...

K, I will be sending you an email soon. It was a crazy busy weekend.