Tuesday, August 24, 2010


NotHannah at Divining Women  talked about her orb experience today.  She even has some pretty freaky pictures.  Fairly, she ended with a sceptics' note that the orbs could be pollen or water- but I believe sometimes orbs are actually orbs.  Bundles of energy.  I know, because I have seen them. Twice.

My first experience was shortly after my son died.  I was alone in the bedroom, sleep crying or something.  I felt a peaceful presence around me and noticed my bedroom wall was lit up with silhouettes of people on it. I realized later that these were relatives like my uncle.  Anyway- next to my bed was an orb and a little bouncy hyper orb.  I knew my son was coming to comfort me, and it appeared that he brought the chihuahua puppy with him.  (This chihuahua sensed Tobin's cancer.  She lay on his tummy where the cancer was and would not leave his side.  Shortly after, she was found dead on the floor of his bedroom, on his blanket. sad). The orb left through the wall and the silhouettes closed up.

My second experience was at my best friend's fifth child's baptism.  Her son, Nate, was born shortly after both grandpas died.  I have a blurry picture that you can see some sort of orb in the background, but the orbs showed up wayyyy better while I was taking the pictures. There are two. They showed up when the families got together to take family photos, and not any in other pictures as though dust was floating around.
Oddly enough, this is the same family that I went with to talk to John Edward (psychic, not politician) and Dad talked to us (as well as my son).  They also have odd happenings occasionally at emotional gatherings.  At a funeral of an old family friend, I looked up and saw that only one fan in the church was turnng.  These fans are all turned on together- ceiling fans.  The one fan that was turning was above our heads.  I mentioned this to my friend, and she laughed and told me that at the viewing she had said "I wish Dad were here" and that moment a picture basically hopped off of the poster up front.  I do realize these could be coincidences, but I prefer to attribute them to dad.

oh oh oh! Nydia at Bringing up Salamanders is having a give away!  She makes gorgeous goddess dolls with felt and embroidery.  But if you are not into goddesses, she also has kitties and calaveras just in time for dia de los muertos.  Her Etsy stuff is amazing.  Check her out~

Lyn at Witchblog makes the calaveras too :) Hers are bigger than Nydia's and as pretty.

It's neat to have talented friends!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Orbs are so mysterious! It is always wonderful when they show up -- they always seem to be good energy. How comforting it must have been for you to experience your son's orb and the chihuahua's too!

Kathy said...

K, I believe in orbs too. My massage therapist (whom I hardly ever see, darn it) has photographed hundreds or thousands of them. They are real...

I am so sad to hear, though, that you lost your son. Can't even imagine what you must have gone through. Glad to hear his spirit visited and comforted you.

Anonymous said...

It was you that first told me about orbs, and to this day I see them and feel like my dad is watching over me. Just another reason I feel like he is there is that you posted this today, when I found out Joe and his wife are pregnant with twins!

SuziCate said...

Do you also see orbs in color? And is there a meaning to the color? I find this interesting...I've just had some weird light things happen sometimes, not sure if it's considered orbs or not...maybe I need to find out a bit more about orbs.

Lyn said...

I believe some orbs are just dust particles but many are energy like you described. I've been taking photos of orbs for years - mostly by accident. The first time was when my sons were little afer their dad left - there were hundreds! When my cousin got married I remember wondering if my late grandmother would be watching and when I got home there were orbs on the photos above my cousin's head during the ceremony.

Thanks for the link K! And the talented friends thing right back at you :-)