Monday, August 23, 2010

Lunes Lunacy-2

OK_ even if you don't wanna grump with me, I got another one for you (wink- no hard feelings there).  I'm gonna complain about this even though I know, in the past, I've been the culprit.

In the evenings, I try to take my step-dogger for a walk.  She's a husky malamute.  She's a medium sized dog, pretty, sort of well behaved.   I say sort of because she is a bit territorial.  If anything fuzzy comes into her backyard, it is bound to be EATEN.  She's got a good head on her shoulders, she knows who is boss.  Between her and I, I am boss.  Between her and a young male husky down the street, he is boss.  Between her and yippy chihuahua, she is boss.  She knows it. 
She was out in the desert with her father once.  This was before me.  A young annoying chihuahua kept coming over to her tent and yipping at her aggressively.  Her tent- the one she was sitting innocently in and trying to take a much needed nap.  The other dog wouldn't shut up.  He was getting closer, he was in her territory.  He was a.n.n.o.y.i.n.g.  So, she snatched him up in her jaws and ran out to the desert with him.  Seriously.  No, she didn't eat him or kill him.  She didn't have time to.  My long legged boyfriend ran after her.  The dog was shaken but uninjured.  The dog sort of deserved it.
Look at those teeth.
Anyhow- My grump for today.  We never let the dog off her leash when she is not in her home or backyard.  She is sent to the backyard when we open the garage.  We know her tendencies.  Even if she listens to her family when we tell her to sit or say no, we still know she is a dog and works on natural urges.

When I walk her, almost everytime I walk her, I have to deal with other people's dogs.  "Oh- don't worry- she's friendly", the dog's parents say.  "Yeah", I retort, "but my dog might eat her". I laugh. 

I know, I know- I used to let my pretty other dog Ellie out without a leash.  She'd calmly shadow me throughout the day and I felt no need to leash her if I was just going to the garage to do laundry.  She was a good dog after all.  But I sort of learned my lesson the day my good dog took off down the street to make friends with someone else's not so good dog.  The not so good dog just snarled luckily, because while trying to catch Ellie, I tweaked my tendon in my ankle and couldn't move because it had swollen to basketball size! Luckily, Ellie knew she was not the dominant one, ever, and showed her belly.

My stepdogger, Noli, is a different story.  Someday, when your sweet innocent dog comes to make friends annoyingly, your dog might not realize that Noli is boss.  And Noli will show her who is boss.  I'm not saying Noli is violent or aggressive.  She isn't.  I'd let a baby ride her.  She is just an alpha female.  And she might not take too kindly to annoying dogs trying to make friends with her. 

She hasn't hurt anyone so far.  She whines and makes friendly noises every night when the neighbors unleashed dogs bound out of the house to make friends with her.  I'm not making friendly noises in my head.  I can't control a dog fight.  I'd rather avoid the chance of one altogether.  I can barely walk around the block with my still healing broken leg.  Can't you just keep your dog locked up?  I know yours is friendly.  Mine is too (most of the time).  But I'd still rather not take any chances.  OKAY?


Lyn said...

I don't have a grumble yet (but the week is young lol). I do agree with yours though. When I had my dogs they were always on the lead (I don't have any right now).

I've lost count of the amount of times unleashed dogs run up to Tabitha and stick their nose in her face. Owners shout 'oh, that's ok so and so is friendly'. But it's not ok with me. How would they feel if a 10 foot monster came face to face with them. Consequently she's now terrified after a Labrador bounded over and licked her. Grrrrrr.... that does make the mad.

Thanks for the rant x

Anonymous said...

My boxer Jerry Garcia is an alpha-male and I can sympathize. I swear by the Dog Whisperer...he's actually very spiritual in his approach to dog training.

Her Mom said...

Guilty as charged. Except - we don't live in a neighborhood like you, and our dogs know all the dogs around here. Highly unlikely anyone that doesn't live here will go down our little dirt road. But I agree with you - in town, where there are sidewalks and people you don't know walking along them, with or without dogs, everyone should keep their dog safely leashed, tied or fenced in. Reduces liability too.
Good gripe! And really nice pictures!

SuziCate said...

What a lovely photograph of you, Kat! Oh, the dog is beautiful. I used to have a black lab named Raven. She was lovely to us - her family. Territorial as all get out. If anyone walked in our door that she didn't know she'd roll them! We had to really keep and eye (and two hands!) on her!

SuziCate said...

Kat, what is the linky? Is this a link up post? Shoot me an email...maybe I can come up with something to join in, or is it too late?

Mara said...

Never have been a real dog person and I have been known to nearly fall of the sofa on the right side (after I started on the left) when a tiny little puppy dog wanted to sit close to me. I was twelve!

I don't mind dogs nowadays, but will not walk up to any dog. I wait until they come to me, let them smell my hand and if they think I am nice, I will pet them.

Now cats...

LisaF said...

I love Huskys/Malamutes! They are beautiful dogs. The ones I've seen have amazing blue eyes. Love the first shot of the two of you. As for the alpha female.....hmmmm, sounds a bit like a blogger I know? ;-)