Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writer's Workshop= Sunburn

I can never follow the rules exactly.  MamaKat asked us to pick a topic for her writer's worskshop and she said to write about the worst sunburn I've ever had.  I can't judge my worst, because I am blonde haired and blue eyed and am prone to a yearly burn.

Yes, Yearly.  I burn once a year to remind myself how dumb I am.  I also get reallllly intoxicated once a year to remind myself that it is bad.  This year, it was on New Years Eve (the drunkeness) so I can't decide if that was last year's mistake or this year's.*

Ex and I had a toy hauler- it is like a motorhome and a trailer had a baby.  It's a living area like a motor home that you can bring your ATVs into.  We loved it (he still does).  We'd take the kids out to El Mirage dry Lake bed.  The ground looks like this:
The background of this upcoming picture shows you what the lake bed is like- nothing-like in the movie with Anthony Hopkins called The Last Indian- a whole lotta nothing

So, the kids and sometimes their Dad go out riding ATVs or motorbikes.  I spend a great deal time reading- one of my favorite pasttimes.  And here, I like reading inside the airconditioned trailer.  But, Ex would come in and nap, and I'd either nap with him or be driven outside.  If I am outside in the hot, I might as well tan. 

Tan.  Hah.  Yeah.  That 1/16 Natice American in me will never ever beat out the Norwegian or English parts of me that burn, peel, and eventually freckle.  Yeah- I get a bit of color.  But first I look like this:

Admire the tattoo (I designed it) and the amazing curves but ignore the butt crack please.

This picture doesn't even do it justice.  At least it wasn't like the time I fell asleep and one side of my face got burnt but not the other...

Ah, but eventually I do tan.  Then I wrinkle, and sooner or later I might look like one of those Kids from Jersey Shores will look like in five years(no I've never watched it).  I didn't tan this year.  Didn't seem like a good idea with a cast on one leg, and still hasn't seemed important to me now that the cast is off.  It's probably better this way- Maybe I have matured and have realized that sun is bad.  It makes you ugly.

Nah- I'll probably have to burn again next year to remind me.

*maybe this year's drunkeness was when I had "one" too many margaritas and broke my leg by merely walking.  Maybe.  I still didn't get sick or feel a hangover though.



Her Mom said...

Mom is speaking, so listen up! That drunkenness, the one that resulted in the broken leg, that was THIS year's drunk. So now you have to behave for the rest of the year. Maybe longer, I'm not sure about that yet.

Also, chemo is absolutely not a fun thing to do, so no more sunburns. Listen to your mother!

AlphaBetsy said...

:) I am also a once a year burner...typically it occurs in late April or Early May when it is "not hot enough to get sunburned" Yeah...not good. I like your tattoo though!!!

Lesley said...

My youngest has red hair and transparent skin, so I totally get where you're coming from. This year I discovered 100SPF at the was a freaking AWESOME moment! My new "must have" for summer.

Mara said...

Blonde, blue eyes, red all over? Been that, done that, didn't get the t-shirt, because it would hurt my back!

An Imperfect Momma said...

Oh that looked painful. I remember having a friend that had a sunburn on only the front part of her legs. Yea. We teased her about it constantly. Bet that half a sunburn on your face was a little amusing too. :o)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, how can we ignore that cute li'l butt crack!

SuziCate said...

It looks like Mama has spoken, so all I'm gonna say is it looks like it hurt, I remember that pain from last year! And year I pulled on of those winefests last Nov...if I can manage to remember that hangover the rest of my life, I should be safe to never drink too much again! I try to remind myself on the third glass now!

Tarunita said...

Every year I get sunburn around winters...It makes me feel so pathetic with those odd marks all over the body and face.
Thanks for sharing!