Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sketchbooks, Calaveras, and I burned the baby

There's a link to my right as I type titled CRAFTS.  I like looking at craft blogs- but what really got me is this link they have on their page for the Sketchbook Tour.  You pay 25 bucks and they send you a sketch book.  Then you send it back to them and they take it on tour.  Cool huh?  You have to sign up by October 31st- so It'll be a perfect birthday gift for myself.

I really dig altered art and stuff you find in art magazines at Barnes and Nobles.   Magazines usually published by Stampington.  Particularly Art Journal and Somerset Studios.  (Though this month's Stuffed has my favorite animal doll artist John Murphy in it). 

yep, that's what I think my next next next project will be.  First, I want to work on some mandalas, an altered* journal, and some calaveras (like Lyn's really cool felt one) but maybe out of clay or papermache.  Oh- and another clay baby- I burned the first baby.

*when I moved out, to facilitate my moving, Ex packed some of my stuff for me.  He labeled my altar box as Alter- which is not so wrong, but quite funny to me.



AlphaBetsy said...

The sketchbook tour is a cool idea. My mom started calling my altar "walter" and that has completely stuck...I get lots of strange looks when I explain I am buying/making something for my Walter. :)

SuziCate said...

I have seen some gorgeous felt mandelas online. Always thought Indian mandelas, medincine wheels, and dream catchers were awesome. I used to collect them and actually used to make dream catchers.

Her Mom said...

Love that title! Very attention giving.

So will all this stuff you're going to do now fit in a carry-on? And allow space for clothes?

Her Mom said...

Love that title!

So, will all this stuff you're going to do fit in a carry on? And leave room for clothes?

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Yes! mom- lol- you must want to know cuz you asked twice. I have a very tightly packed carryon. with some clothes. and some art stuff. and a computer and my nook and a purse with room for other goodies.

Lyn said...

The sketchbook is a great idea. That's the second time in 2 days I've read about them so must be a sign! Can't wait to see your sketches - your drawings on Facebook are beautiful. I'm sure you're going to wow us ;-)

Creative Flair said...

Sorry about the baby. With the work I've been doing with clay, I've had some oven problems and it sucks to put all that time into something to have it ruined.