Saturday, July 3, 2010

My ducks

quick note- it's late and I've sat on this feeling all day.  Why are people such jerks to nature?  I watched a momma duck and her 6 or so ducklings try to cross the street this morning. Off momma duck hopped from the curb- off hopped her ducklings.- zoom! drove by some jerk in a truck.  One guy actually stopped only to honk at the ducks.  The baby ducks couldn't hop back up on the curb easily.  Poor family.  I watched this for at least 15 minutes.  The momma duck took her babies back into the parking lot.  She had been trying to get to the nice park with the lake.
Animal control is not working weekends.  I couldn't think of ducknapping them and dropping them off at the park.  I just hope some kind soul stopped FOR THAT WHOLE SIXTY SECONDS that it might take momma duck to get her brood across the street.
Heaven forbid we slow down or stop for sixty seconds though- we might miss something.


Anonymous said...

I've experienced this before as well. Once I actually got out of my car in my neighborhood and directed traffic, receiving the hairyeyeball by many people who had to get to the damn grocery store/lowes/steinmart in 4 effing second and couldn't be bothered to wait a g.d. minute. soooooo frustrating.

AlphaBetsy said...

I absolutely agree...My family has a tendency to perform wild animal rescue for this reason. We always have blankets and such in the trunk just in case and will pull over to help or in some cases kidnap an animal to get it to safety. If it's between that or the animal being hurt I will take that.

Her Mom said...

Another example of how we get tooooo absorbed in what WE have to do to take time to smell the roses - or stop and enjoy mama duck and her brood on their trek. Rushing doesn't really make life better.

Imagination Cakes said...

Great I wont tell you what happened to me this weekend.