Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Movie I should have previewed!

Mama's Losin' It has a thursday meme for Writer's Workshop- she gives you subjects to choose from to write about.  I read through them and my brain responded to most, but my gut just went crazy when I read "Movies I should have previewed before letting my kids watch".

Five years ago, wedding crashers came out in the theater.  My kids were twelve and nine.  They had watched adult (pg, pg13, maybe R) movies before.  Their dad like the goofy ones like "Old School", "Van Wilder" and "Waiting".  So, they had seen their share of crude humor and an occasional boob.  I of course, hate that directors feel they need to stick boobs into every movie- I do not wish to supply my son with porn via entertainment.

I quite frankly, remember what happened fuzzily.  I think this is what happened.  My brain blew up in my head though.  I know that.  The kids and I went to the theater.  We sat down with our sodas and popcorns.  We had mapped out the two other movies we would sneak into (don't judge :)).  The Wedding Crashers came on- it looks cute, right?  See all the funny situations they get themselves into?

The first ten minutes of the movie is all clips of conquests they had had from various weddings.  Boobs bouncing in the camera.  Naked other parts.  SEX SEX SEX>  ack! I covered both my kids eyes wishing it to go away.  nope.  We waited it out- surely the whole movie can't be like that. 

Later, the redhead starts stroking Vince Vaugn's wanker under the kitchen table.  Ok- that's enough.

I took my kids out of the theater.   My head was bowed in shame to be the bad mother that took her kids to see porn.  Who knew it was so bad?

Their grandma knew.  She had seen it already.  She knew we were going to see it.  (not MY mom- Ex's mom).  She let me know after that those were the only bad parts.  Everything else was OK. 

We saw it later at home- covering heads with blankets, ears with fingers, and fast forwarding through the nasty bits.

I'd like to say I learned a lesson.  But last month the 17 year old rented "The Goods"- about used car salesmen.  Yep, you got it, more boobs.  and other parts.  and sex.  ewwww- keep it in your own bedroom!


Michelle said...

Never seen either of those movies. It's always a good idea to preview movies and television shows - anymore you never know. Even if it's supposedly geared towards kids it might not be appropriate.

Writer's workshop visiting. Peace. ;)

Gramma Ann said...

I was not fascinated by Wedding Crashers, because I saw enough trailers on TV to know I just would not want to watch it. I agree, take it to the bedroom. But, most movies today just seem to rely on sex and violence to sell.

Mama Karen said...

Oh my thats pretty funny. All my kiddies are still little so waiting for this to happen to me

Kristen T. said...

That Owen Wilson! He cannot be trusted! ;)

Lesley said...

Ummm, yeah, the stakes go way up as the kiddos get older and the ratings become a little less black and white. I am still pretty cautious about what my oldest watches, but there are times that we ALL get an eye full! HAHAHA

Following over from Mama Kat's.

Her Mom said...

And I still remember that I wouldn't allow you and your brother to watch The Three Stooges, Popeye or Roadrunner. Too much violence. Hitting is not the answer. Times they have changed, methinks.

jay said...

Ha! Yes, I remember those days! Having to check out movies before letting my sons see them. Luckily they're both adults now.

To me, the sex isn't the worst thing (unless it's abusive or perverted, but even then you can turn it into a lesson). No, it's the violence. Cartoony violence is not so terribly awful, but graphic violence truly corrupts and hardens or traumatises children, and it can't be UNseen.

I can never understand why people are more worried about sex, because that, after all, is a normal, healthy, part of human behaviour, while kind of violence you get in movies is most definitely not.