Tuesday, July 27, 2010

B is for Bupkis

It's ABC Wednesday time again! I know, It's tuesday- but my mom posts on Tuesday and I can't let her beat me to it.

Did you know BANDIT is a yiddish word? for menace, outlaw or pain-in-the neck.
and Bubbah- Meaning Grandmother
and Bubbelah- which is a term of endearment for anyone
and Bubee (another endearment)
and finally, Bupkis- as in nothing. It literally means beans.

we can use these words in many instances:

So, my sweet bubee at Pagan Culture was kind enough to blog about me today expecting bupkis in return. Go see her- she's in love and practically glowing. Plus her blog rocks.

My little bubbelah Delany made cookies for her Bubbah but some bandit (Nolan) made off with them, so grandma got bupkis.


photowannabe said...

Love all the Yiddish words and their explaination. Great post.

Gramma Ann said...

I like the fact that you explain what each word means and then used them in a sentence. I would've been lost otherwise.

Tumblewords: said...

A fun topic - looking forward to next week!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I learned to say "bupkis" from my Jewish friends and I knew it means "nothing" or perhaps even "less than nothing," but I didn't know the literal translation was "beans" -- that's funny, LOL!

Roger Owen Green said...

I didn't know beans about bupkis!


Her Mom said...

Today Kat made cookies, so Bubbah got some! A whole lot better than Bupkis!

LisaF said...

I think I'll teach Peanut to combine the words Bubbah and Bubee in one sentence! :-)

Mara said...

I always thought bupkis was a not so nice word. I'll have my ears cleaned soon!

Manang Kim said...

I learn a lot of new words today hehe. Thanks for sharing!

ABC Wednesdsay~B

SuziCate said...

Love it when you do the Yiddish thing!

jay said...

Haha! Poor Bubbah! Bupkis for Bubbah! LOL!

I'm learning new Yiddish words every week!

Joy said...

They are great words to say, must be the all the Bs in them.

ABC Wednesday Team