Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm at my Moms (or) Penis, Poop, your face, and Richard Simmons.

I've arrived at my Mom and Daddy Pat's house!  The kids and I took a big plane from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  Then, we took this plane from SFO to Klamath Falls, the town nearest to my mom's house- which is apparently is a major (ahem) worldwide hub- since we landed in a 2 room airport.
*There are only 2 rows behind us

Anyhoo- Last night my mom and I had a wee bit of wine after dinner, and we and the kids played "The Game of Things".  If you haven't played this- it is hilarious!  The game gives you a sentence to respond to, you write an answer, hand it to a reader, and then the next person has to match the writer to the sentence.

The sentence we had to respond to that I have chosen to write about is:
Things you shouldn't title a children's book. 

Lemme interject in my own story here- When we play, we make a rule that you can't use certain words because these words fit every answer and usually get over used.  Our unusable words are- you guessed it! Penis, Poop, your face, and after last night, Richard Simmons.

Sooooo, our answers to Things you shouldn't title a children's book.  
Between my Mom, Boy, Beasty, and I:
How my Mommy got off da Crack
Your Earlobes (inside joke about the show Real World)
The Case of the Crabs
Knobby the Pants Elf

Can you guess who wrote what?



Her Mom said...

Not me! I wouldn't do that! I was innocently sitting out there minding my own business, enjoying a wee bit of wine.

Magaly Guerrero said...

"The Case of the Crabs" is freaking hilarious! It made me giggle so hard that some guy started staring at me. Um, he still staring!

Btw, I emailed a couple of days ago, check your junk mail please. If not, email me at magalyguerrero at live dot com

Hope to hear from you soon my Wicked Darling!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe Hilarious!!

Lyn said...

I would read more kids books if they were titled like that ;-)

LisaF said...

I guess we can be all VERY happy you all don't write children's books...especially after a wee bit of wine!

I've got some bloggy love for you over at my place.