Monday, July 5, 2010

I won! and I wanna win.

I entered a give-away from The Alchemist's Tea Party and I was lucky enough to win!
The candle, herbs, and oil smell wonderful.  They were mixed for attraction- and it sure works because I am very attracted to them ;)- I wanna just wear the oil and walk around sniffing the candle.  I also got a lodestone, which is great, because I keep intending to buy one, as it is used in a lot of spells- Lodestones are rocks that are magnetic.
The goods are not only mmmmm, but they are wonderfully packaged, quickly mailed, and can be purchased through Lodestone and Lady's Mantle.  Just follow the link above!

I also want to win this:

It's an amethyst orgonite pendent from Lyn at Witch Blog.  I have another orgonite fom her and I love it.  The one I have is round and feels good in the hands.  But stars are my favorite shape! You can go visit Lyn and enter to win as well.

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SuziCate said...

That is a lovely pendant! Lucky you!