Thursday, July 1, 2010

I believe in Play

I started an early childhood class last semester that I ended up quitting for various reasons.  The first lesson in that class was on the value of play.  I agree with this thought.  I wish the world would agree with it more.

 Boyfriend made plans for the fourth.  He decided we should ride down to the beach so we could show off his custom made bikes and maybe a golf cart he's pimped (for lack of a better word).  His thought process usually ends with something similar to this- we go places he can show off what he does for work.  Not that I don't think he shouldn't show off what he does for work- because it's good to actually make money and because he's good at what he does- but one's world should not be centered on work-unless it makes you giddily undeniably happy- which it doesn't do for him.

Most people decrease my value in their little heads because I don't make tons of money.  I agree that I have to make some changes in my life so I can live on my own- but let me tell you- if those people expect me to work weekends or summers just so I can live in luxury, they are going to be sadly disappointed.

I believe I'd rather live in a trailer home driving a scooter with time to play- than to live in a mansion driving a mercedes with work on my brain 24/7.

Play makes me the girl I am.  When I am the girl I am- sometimes I am not me.  Reading, baking, drawing, feeding ducks, singing at the top of my lungs, running away from the surf, etc makes life more valuable.  It makes the color of the trees brighter and deeper.  It makes my abs strong from laughing.  It makes my heart sing and my body heal.  It makes me content.  Shouldn't we be content?

I've been told that people fall in love with my smile and the glimmer in my eyes.  I've been told that they like my playful qualities.  I've been told that I act pleasingly like a child at times.  I've been told that I am easy to please- just buy me a box of crayons and some glue.

These qualities go away when stifled by stress and negativity.  These qualities can be balanced with work and responsibilities. 

Please don't assume because I nurture these qualities with play that I am lazy or irresponsible.  Please don't tell me that I am a bad person because you choose not to embrace play. Please, for one minute, try to loosen up! If more people took time to play and enjoy a moment then maybe there's be less a$$holiness out there.

*picture of Andy in the surf- look at that face!


Her Mom said...

That face is pure joy. We need to nurture those things that bring joy, contentment, happiness. Work is necessary, and work can also bring joy, contentment and happiness. But work can't be everything. Work can't be all-consuming in your life. There's got to be more. All of those words to say I agree with you completely. And I seem to have more to say, so perhaps I'll follow your lead and go express those thoughts on my blog.

Diandra said...

Ever wondered why people who work 24/7 to buy expensive things actually buy them? They never have time to play with them anyway! Boy, are they crazy... I like having an interesting job with regular office times, it provides me with enough money to live on and enough time to enjoy the things I have. Unless your job is something you really love doing, you shouldn't waste all your time doing it.

SuziCate said...

Ok, I'll try again. It just ate my comment. Play nurtures the soul and fosters creativity. Kindergarten has it right...too bad we don't follow that throughout our lives.

Creative Flair said...

I have people All the time ask how I have time to paint, or sculpt and I tell them I make it a priority; because it makes me happy. Maybe my house is not spotless & I've been known to send the boys outside so I can play. I think it's sad when people realize they need to have fun, but can't find the time.