Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am a snob

I'm a lot of other things too :) if you hadn't noticed.  I am also a witch- for lack of a better label.  You probably already knew that.  If you didn't I hope you still love me.  I know what religion you subscribe to, and I still love you.  There is a point to this.

I was going to get on a pagan network.  I was all excited when I saw the little linky thing on the side of someone's blog.  I went to the page to check out who else was on there.  That's when I realized I was a snob.

I've posted about my blog issues before.  I hate if you don't post the whole blog- why should I have to push a button to read more? I also can't stand when the text is tiny, or if there are no pictures. But I realized something else.

 I don't like single minded blogs.  If you post about your religion and only your religion every day, it gets boring. Just like I don't want a recipe every day. If I did, I'd go to a recipe blog. Not that I don't like recipe blogs- everyone needs a recipe now and again.

I don't like people who seem fake.  If you use terms or post items just because other people you want to be like do, that just stinks.  I want to know the real you.  Hyperbole and a Half had this issue not long ago- someone actually stole her words and reposted them because they were not sure how to be authentic.  Same goes for if you post a jello recipe just because everyone else is, or just because it defines your label as jello-boss.

I don't like the whole pagan: choose a weird name game.  I know, fluffy bunnies (some will understand this term- others won't sorry), think the "burning times, ahem, make them choose a new name- but that's a pile of boohookey.  Others are still in the broom closet.  Others like the pomp and circumstance of rituals and name changes.  If it's authentically you- go for it! If it's not, everyone can tell! Especially if the name you chose is Pixie Moonbeam or Raven Willowtree.

I also am very sad that some blogs I have read are no longer posting.  I get all excited about the blog- then bam! they disappear.  The latest baby blog I posted to is really a dead blog.  I wish the internet could forget dead blogs.   I found quite a few dead blogs on the network I was gonna get on.

I couldn't figure out  how to post the stupid little linky button thingy.  But then, it might be because I had already blended this mojito for myself:
anyhoo! what I am saying is, I love you just the way you are.  You are perfect.  Though I's still like to have those "followers" who don't have a blog posted to their google reader account let me know who they are.  I hope you still love me even though I used the "w" word, and even though I am a blog snob.

seriously! I read those blogs you see over there->  because I dig reading their random thoughts. 


Anonymous said...

I'm catchin' what you're throwin' girl. Being a Witch myself, I tend to not follow purely Pagan blogs for pure boredom. After all, I'm so much more than just a Witch. I proudly wear my Witch hat, but I also wear my "sarcastic bitch" hat, my "mommy" hat, my "aspiring chef" hat, my "jersey girl" hat and my "snarkyfatgirl" hat. All hail multi-dimensional people!

SuziCate said...

I didn't understand that one paragraph, but I still think you're tops, and I hope that doesn't make me a snob and you still like me even though I didn't get it. As for that mojito, I could so use that, but I think a beer is easier right now! I hope you and kids have a funtabulous visit with your mom! If you make more tree people, please be sure to photograph and post.

Her Mom said...

As your old, probably way-behind-the-times mom,I'm with Suzicate - I didn't really get it either. But that doesn't matter at all, when you get right down to it. I have my drummer, you have yours. Thank goodness there's lots of drummers in this world!

In this heat, mojito sounds good - but too much work for me to do just for me.

Lyn said...

I totally get you K! Some Pagan blogs make me yawn my head off and I know there's something for everyone but that isn't me. And then there's the Pagan blogs which do the Christian bashing thing and I leave right then. I'm a witch but that doesn't mean I have to hate everyone else (actually it's quite the opposite).

So I'm a blog snob too.

I love reading your blog because you're real to me - you write painfully honest sometimes and I respect that.

I worry sometimes that my blog isn't witchy enough because life gets in the way. But then that is life ;-)

So thank you for putting all your thoughts down - and I LOVE it you used the 'W' word ;-)

Creative Flair said...

Please tell me if my blog is one of those where you can only read part of it. I did a bunch of messing around with settings and I HATE when I can't read the whole blog!