Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July

That's a picture of my bro and I from  two or three years ago.  Wow! I didn't realize it was that long ago.

Anyhoo- I did not neglect to wish you all a Happy Independence Day.  I just didn't do it.  It's about time you knew this about me- I bahhumbug a lot of holidays.  Like Thanksgiving- it's turkey day to me.  I don't like the premise of how it was set up.  If you've heard the native befriends the settler thing- it's a load of crap.  Yeah- the natives helped the settlers- but that's as far as the truth goes in that story.  They actually showed up on turkey day, uninvited, because the thanksgiving/harvest party made the natives think the settlers might be starting a fight soon.  The settlers begrudgingly offered some food.

I could be a "daughter of the american revolution",  My sperm donor(father) traced our lineage back to Miles Standish on the Mayflower.  We have relatives who wrote important stuff (EB Root).  He claims the lineage goes back to William the conquerer.  That's another thing I don't care much about- who my lineage traces back to.

This lack of caring sort of links to my bahhumbugness.  I don't claim my daughter of the american revolution lineage because I am sure my ancestors were jerks- look how many native americans died in that period.  I don't claim my title to English royalty because they were jerks too.  I'd claim my Seneca great grandma- but that would make me a wanna-be "indian".  And I've already been treated like crap at an Indian pow-wow, so I don't want to be one of them either.

I don't claim my pride in my country.  I don't hang a flag.  I don't thank every soldier I meet.  Does this make me a bad person, a bad American? Maybe. 
I don't say the pledge of allegiance- why the heck should I "pledge allegiance to a flag?"  and who is this God that our one nation stands under?  This God was added in the 1950's and I feel it discriminates against anyone who is not Christian, because it is, blatantly so, talking about the Christian God.
I hate that our national anthem is about War.  I hate War.  I hate that we are constantly in a war.

I think if you stuck me in England, I could find things about England that I love and hate much like I find things about my own country.  Same with Italy or Ireland or Canada- ok, maybe not Canada- Just joking people!

I think I should be pledging allegiance to humankind.  Don't make me put borders on my allegiance.  Don't make me say I love the people only in this area here.  Don't make me try to claim my government and it's people are the best- because we aren't.  We are just as good as anywhere else.  It's called relativism.

and don't start quoting things like the declaration of independence, the constitution, or the bill of rights.  It's quite obvious that we are not all treated equal.  It's quite obvious that our presidents will try to change the rules to fit their ideals (ehhem, gay marriage, Bush).  It's quite obvious we don't have freedom of religion (it took forever to give soldiers the right to have a pentegram on their gravestones- but any other religious symbol was OK).

My lack of capitals is because I am feeling surly.  I capitalize for pop, not for correctness.  I'm hopping off my soapbox now.  Thanks for putting up with my tirade.

Oh by the way, if you need a meme for thurday- try Mama's losin' it



Her Mom said...

So what do I say? I don't agree with you, but I don't have to agree with you. You're much more of an independent thinker than I am. But sometimes I wonder if you might be missing out on some of the joys that come with things like holidays. You must believe what you believe, however. Just as I do. And those beliefs have nothing to do with loving you; loving you is a given. No strings attached.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I think I was raised in a more cynical age than you. I still celebrate- especially the fun ones like Halloween!

Creative Flair said...

Well said. I fail to participate in singing the Star Spangled Bannar and find it ironic that we have so much "God" in our legal system, yet as a mixed American culture, "God" is something different for everyone.

Is there something wrong with using the fourth of July as a way to get together with friends or family and having a good time. I think not, Americans do it all the time with Cinco de Mayo.

I actually have a problem with Valentine's Day. Why do I need a day to spread love?

SuziCate said...

Feel better? I always do after a good rant! Oh, but I so want to be Indian! I was devastated to find out that my roots really aren't Monacan Indian like I thought! Well, not devastated but disappointed. Ithought I so resonated with them...so now I'm off to be a hippy or maybe a gypsy....we'll see.....

SuziCate said...

Oh, great picture of you and your brother...I forgot to say that.