Friday, July 9, 2010


I have an old urge revisiting me- people in polymer clay.  I am particularly enamored with the teeny tiny babies.  I added a blog to those I read: real baby fantasy.  I also borrowed a picture of his:

I also had this in my files but don't know where I found it:

I started my own baby with scrap clay, but I know this will take years and years to make mine as pretty as theirs- I plan on adding wings to mine tomorrow, and coloring her up a bit. The picture is cruddy because I am using my phone.  Note to self- get camera out of boyfriend's truck.

and on top of that, I cheated.  I bought face molds from this seller on etsy. OH! That's where the fairy picture came from- lol
Ok- I had fun, but someday I hope to be as talented as other clay baby makers.


Her Mom said...

It's good to see you get back into the clay thing. I'm anxious go see the final product.

SuziCate said...

Wow, I am so impressed! It is adorable! You did a great job. I made angels once with clay and made them into pins. It was tedious ...I used a toothpick to etch and crease as I was molding it. I love crafts of all sorts. I have never tried watercolor or much painting at all. I really want to learn stain glass. Have you ever tried pottery?

Lyn said...

Even though the photo isn't too clear, your little baby looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished babe. x

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I'm cooking the baby now!
Suzicate, I did try pottery- and really enjoyed the process, though my teacher gave me a B in class ;(. My mom's brother does stained glass. I'd love to learn that and maybe even glass making- like beads or marbles. Though I'd be highly prone to injuring myself.