Friday, July 30, 2010

What my sisterdogs, stepdogger, and doggers have taught me

* Let people know that you are happy to see them
* Get a hobby you enjoy (Bailey's is ball, Shasta's in exploring and eating things)
*Express yourself openly

*do everything with gusto
*Let people you love touch you- even your belly
*Rest when tired
*Tell someone when they are invading your space, if they don't listen, get aggressive
*tolerate others who mean no harm (Bailey tolerates her sister)
*handle disappointments with grace, then shake them off

*A brisk walk and a long drink of water are good for you
*so are treats occasionally
*Kiss those you love any chance you get
*Save for a rainy day (balls, bones, money, whatever)
*give gifts to the people you love
*home made and home caught gifts are good (who doesn't want a dead gopher?)

*Pay attention
*Await surprises eagerly
*Smile Big for the camera
*and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF- for who you are, what you are, and what you look like- today and everyday.  Not, for what you think you might do or be tomorrow or down the road.

*white Lab is new sisterdog Shasta, Black lab/shepherd is older sisterdog Bailey, husky malamute is stepdogger Noli, and gargoyle looking pug/chihuahua is living with kids Chexie Wexie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writer's Workshop= Sunburn

I can never follow the rules exactly.  MamaKat asked us to pick a topic for her writer's worskshop and she said to write about the worst sunburn I've ever had.  I can't judge my worst, because I am blonde haired and blue eyed and am prone to a yearly burn.

Yes, Yearly.  I burn once a year to remind myself how dumb I am.  I also get reallllly intoxicated once a year to remind myself that it is bad.  This year, it was on New Years Eve (the drunkeness) so I can't decide if that was last year's mistake or this year's.*

Ex and I had a toy hauler- it is like a motorhome and a trailer had a baby.  It's a living area like a motor home that you can bring your ATVs into.  We loved it (he still does).  We'd take the kids out to El Mirage dry Lake bed.  The ground looks like this:
The background of this upcoming picture shows you what the lake bed is like- nothing-like in the movie with Anthony Hopkins called The Last Indian- a whole lotta nothing

So, the kids and sometimes their Dad go out riding ATVs or motorbikes.  I spend a great deal time reading- one of my favorite pasttimes.  And here, I like reading inside the airconditioned trailer.  But, Ex would come in and nap, and I'd either nap with him or be driven outside.  If I am outside in the hot, I might as well tan. 

Tan.  Hah.  Yeah.  That 1/16 Natice American in me will never ever beat out the Norwegian or English parts of me that burn, peel, and eventually freckle.  Yeah- I get a bit of color.  But first I look like this:

Admire the tattoo (I designed it) and the amazing curves but ignore the butt crack please.

This picture doesn't even do it justice.  At least it wasn't like the time I fell asleep and one side of my face got burnt but not the other...

Ah, but eventually I do tan.  Then I wrinkle, and sooner or later I might look like one of those Kids from Jersey Shores will look like in five years(no I've never watched it).  I didn't tan this year.  Didn't seem like a good idea with a cast on one leg, and still hasn't seemed important to me now that the cast is off.  It's probably better this way- Maybe I have matured and have realized that sun is bad.  It makes you ugly.

Nah- I'll probably have to burn again next year to remind me.

*maybe this year's drunkeness was when I had "one" too many margaritas and broke my leg by merely walking.  Maybe.  I still didn't get sick or feel a hangover though.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rules for cooking at Mom's

Mom's house has a few rules for cooking:  It has to be fairly healthy and it has to be delicious.

She used to have a garden, but after some health issues realized the garden was a LOT of work and that she was quite happy with store bought veggies and a small patch of homegrown tomatoes. So, she goes to the store once or twice a week and stocks up on fresh veggies (or frozen- but never canned yuck).  All our meals have veggies in them.  and maybe a salad.  or a slice of melon.

The meat should be fairly healthy.  Though Dad got away with buying a summer sausage to snack on this week- only because I was here to share it with him.  They eat seafood, poultry, and less fatty cuts of beef.  You'd be hard pressed around here if you wanted to find a great big hunk of fatty pork sausage or a whole package of bacon (she freezes bacon separated into four slices).

Extra salt is a no-no.  High blood pressure and other yuckies come from sodium, and all foods have enough already- so they have trained their tastebuds to do without extra salt.  They use real spices instead.

Fats should be in a good form, like olive oil or delicious cheese.

Red wine is healthy.  White wine is OK too.  Especially if enjoyed on the porch whilst relaxing.

Dessert is fine in moderation.  You really only need three or less oreo cookies.  My mom prefers a nice cup of chai tea for dessert.  Dad wants icecream with his cookies.  I just like more wine :)

So Last night I made dinner- I sauteed fresh garlic in olive oil, added a zuchinni, broccoli, cauliflower, a green pepper from mom's greenhouse, and green onion.  I then mixed a little white wine with soy sauce (low sodium), garlic, ginger, corn starch, and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  I dumped the sauce over the veggies and added shrimp, simmering til the shrimp was pink.  we threw this over wheat noodles and ate til our hearts were content.  Nummy.  Next time, more veggies, less noodles, and more garlic.  I loooove garlic.

The wine was nummy- Gurwhatsits something or another.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

B is for Bupkis

It's ABC Wednesday time again! I know, It's tuesday- but my mom posts on Tuesday and I can't let her beat me to it.

Did you know BANDIT is a yiddish word? for menace, outlaw or pain-in-the neck.
and Bubbah- Meaning Grandmother
and Bubbelah- which is a term of endearment for anyone
and Bubee (another endearment)
and finally, Bupkis- as in nothing. It literally means beans.

we can use these words in many instances:

So, my sweet bubee at Pagan Culture was kind enough to blog about me today expecting bupkis in return. Go see her- she's in love and practically glowing. Plus her blog rocks.

My little bubbelah Delany made cookies for her Bubbah but some bandit (Nolan) made off with them, so grandma got bupkis.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The dog is hiding in the bathroom

Nothing beats a good old afternoon summer thunderstorm.  OK, a few things are better than it, but I still love *them showers* nonetheless.  One of my sister-dogs agrees with me , the other is hiding in mom's bathroom until the sky stops growling at her.
Yesterday, it looked much the same.  Mom and I took our glass of wine out to the deck and breathed in the wonderful small of fresh rain mixed with nature.  We relaxed in the cool breeze and were quite enjoying the aroma ,until one dog came back from the neighbors having rolled in something possibly dead.  Then the air didn't smell quite as sweet.

I've been feeling a little guilty about my blog posts.  I've had some great ideas to post about- but usually those ideas pop into my head as I am drinking wine on the porch.  I forget them by the time I get into the house, though.  So, you basically get to see my vacation- even if it is quite uneventful.  I realized that I am not alone, though- most of the blogs I am reading have hopped off for a summer trip as well.  I didn't realize blogging was a seasonal sport.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pictures from My Mom's

Yeah, I know- I am in a beautiful part of Oregon, so You'd expect lovely pictures like this-
Spring Creek- scene of my Mom's Last blog

But I am going to show you real life here at my mom's house....most of these were taken last year when my kids were here for longer- this year, my son had a real life and a job so they stayed only a few days.

My son got ahold of the camera when bored- look how OLD my ears look!

I like to pretend animals like me- really like me! The bird is only sitting on my hand because 5 minutes prior he had rammed hard into my mom's window and lay unconcious (looking very dead) in my hand for about 3 minutes.  The frog did not turn into a prince.

The kids and their uncle went to town, where they bought new socks and wore them to every store they visited!

My daughter bought a jaw breaker

And this Year:

I found out what a princess my sister-dog really is


I might or might not have blown up this stove.  I was using it when it broke.  It won't turn off- and the temp appears to be stuck on "clean".  It costs more to fix it than its actual value.  Mom bought a new one.

....I write as I am in my pj's contemplating a beer and "sarnie' while reading your blogs- TTYL!K

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Movie I should have previewed!

Mama's Losin' It has a thursday meme for Writer's Workshop- she gives you subjects to choose from to write about.  I read through them and my brain responded to most, but my gut just went crazy when I read "Movies I should have previewed before letting my kids watch".

Five years ago, wedding crashers came out in the theater.  My kids were twelve and nine.  They had watched adult (pg, pg13, maybe R) movies before.  Their dad like the goofy ones like "Old School", "Van Wilder" and "Waiting".  So, they had seen their share of crude humor and an occasional boob.  I of course, hate that directors feel they need to stick boobs into every movie- I do not wish to supply my son with porn via entertainment.

I quite frankly, remember what happened fuzzily.  I think this is what happened.  My brain blew up in my head though.  I know that.  The kids and I went to the theater.  We sat down with our sodas and popcorns.  We had mapped out the two other movies we would sneak into (don't judge :)).  The Wedding Crashers came on- it looks cute, right?  See all the funny situations they get themselves into?

The first ten minutes of the movie is all clips of conquests they had had from various weddings.  Boobs bouncing in the camera.  Naked other parts.  SEX SEX SEX>  ack! I covered both my kids eyes wishing it to go away.  nope.  We waited it out- surely the whole movie can't be like that. 

Later, the redhead starts stroking Vince Vaugn's wanker under the kitchen table.  Ok- that's enough.

I took my kids out of the theater.   My head was bowed in shame to be the bad mother that took her kids to see porn.  Who knew it was so bad?

Their grandma knew.  She had seen it already.  She knew we were going to see it.  (not MY mom- Ex's mom).  She let me know after that those were the only bad parts.  Everything else was OK. 

We saw it later at home- covering heads with blankets, ears with fingers, and fast forwarding through the nasty bits.

I'd like to say I learned a lesson.  But last month the 17 year old rented "The Goods"- about used car salesmen.  Yep, you got it, more boobs.  and other parts.  and sex.  ewwww- keep it in your own bedroom!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sketchbook Project update

I sat on this porch yesterday   and wrote what I have planned to illustrate in my sketchbook for the sketchbook project . 
My choice for the title for my sketchbook was "It's raining Dogs and Cats"- I liked this because I normally say it the other way around....cats and dogs.

anyhoo- here's what I got down.

They say it's raining dogs and cats
but I can not see any of thats
cuz my rumbly tummy wants some fats
my mind rains food right where I'm ats

The puddles are all made of nacho cheese
swarming with stinky limburger bees
but despite all of my insistent pleas
no one will share tortilla chips with mes

Its billowing gusts in marshmallow skies
tickling trickling from puff pastry pies
but despite all of my desperate cries
no one has crackers or chocolates to buys

Its snowing mounds of tator tots
plopping popping in dipping sauce pots
but despite how ferociously I foughts
no one will give me the tubers they caughts

So I will make myself a healthy stew
nothing fried or really bad for you
its got to be vibrantly loud in hue
oh how I wish I could have my cake, too.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ABC Wednesday- Or yiddish word a week

I've decided to make a rule for myself this go around- We are going to learn Yiddish because my Wednesday ABC is going to be a yiddish word! Yay for me (us)!!!
I know it is Tuesday in America but my mom is sitting next to me typing out her ABC Wednesday post so I can't let her do it a whole day before me!

Our word for the week is: Alter Kocker - it means Old man or woman.  I think, in this case, Alter Bok would work as well- since it means Old Goat (shhh- don't tell him I said this- he will wake me up at crack of 9 am with his wet nosed dog pinning me to the bed and licking my skin off my face).
Yep.  It's my mom's husband, or my Daddy Pat.  He used to be an alter bocher (bachelor) prior to december of 1995 when he was lucky enough to tie the knot with my lovely and charming mother (she's a mentsh). 
and for the last word- in response to how Daddy Pat is after scoring the best woman in the world- he must be an alrightnik- one who has succeeded.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yay! I won an award!

I got an award from Lisa F at Peripheral Perceptions.  Here's how Lisa describes herself- and this is one thing that drew me to her blog : "As a kid I was never happy with the 24 crayons box. I was more of a 96 crayon box kid. Still am."

Da rulz:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

I need to amend the pass along to one- really, I hate this part of awards.  I don't know why- maybe it's because I was taught if you don't bring enough gum to class to share with everyone, don't bring any at all.  So, to minimize my distress- I'm either giving it to you all or narrowing it down to one  I gave it to you all before- so one it is. This one is one of my newest reads, and I like her.

so here's my seven

1.  I like people playing with my hair.  Boyfriend run his fingers through it at night which makes me so purry.  My kids played with it yesterday for me:
2. I hate that wrinkles show up so well in pictures.  I'm thinking if I had money I would botox the creases created from squinting and hope the forehead lines go away.  I also wonder where the jowels came from.

3. I like furry creatures- you already know that (did you see a picture of boyfriend?).  I asked my mom to smuggle these gerbils back to California, because you can't get gerbils there and they are cooler than hamsters.  She said No- meanie

4. Speaking of cool- I think my son is the prime example of cool.

You can't see it in this picture- but my mom has one with the sign above the grocery store refridgerator and it says "cool"

5.  I like playing dress up.  That's why my son is wearing a suit to the grocery store.  I like to throw murder mystery parties.  We had one at Grandma's and the part my son was most excited about was shopping for a costume which is always a suit.  My son learned this from me-

6.  I think my daughter is pretty darn cool too.  She kept asking me why people are staring at her- um, she looks like a gorgeous 16 year old (she's 14), is 5 foot 9 inches tall (175.26 cm)- and her eyes glow mint green

7. I want to own a trailer home when I grow up.  Really.

YOU need to grab this award!


Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm at my Moms (or) Penis, Poop, your face, and Richard Simmons.

I've arrived at my Mom and Daddy Pat's house!  The kids and I took a big plane from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  Then, we took this plane from SFO to Klamath Falls, the town nearest to my mom's house- which is apparently is a major (ahem) worldwide hub- since we landed in a 2 room airport.
*There are only 2 rows behind us

Anyhoo- Last night my mom and I had a wee bit of wine after dinner, and we and the kids played "The Game of Things".  If you haven't played this- it is hilarious!  The game gives you a sentence to respond to, you write an answer, hand it to a reader, and then the next person has to match the writer to the sentence.

The sentence we had to respond to that I have chosen to write about is:
Things you shouldn't title a children's book. 

Lemme interject in my own story here- When we play, we make a rule that you can't use certain words because these words fit every answer and usually get over used.  Our unusable words are- you guessed it! Penis, Poop, your face, and after last night, Richard Simmons.

Sooooo, our answers to Things you shouldn't title a children's book.  
Between my Mom, Boy, Beasty, and I:
How my Mommy got off da Crack
Your Earlobes (inside joke about the show Real World)
The Case of the Crabs
Knobby the Pants Elf

Can you guess who wrote what?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Science is AWEsome.

Ok- this might be a little out there for some of you- or it might just gross you out.  But I found this so interesting, I actually read some of this textbook, without being forced to!  then I wrote it down! These quotes are from "Conceptual Physical Science"  by Hewitt, Suchoki, Hewitt.

"With the exception of hydrogen, all the atoms that occur naturally on Earth, including those in your body, are the products of stars....." "You are made of stardust as is all the matter that surrounds you"

"So, most atoms are ancient, they have existed through imponderable ages, recycling through the universe in inumerable forms, both living and non-living"-----"In this sense, you don't own your atoms that make up your body, you are simply their present caretaker".

"Anyone, anywhere on the Earth inhaling a breath of air takes in numerous atoms that once were a part of you and the reverse is true: you inhale atoms that were once a part of everyone who has ever lived", "We are literally breathing one another".

There's some food for thought>>>>>>

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Drum Roll::::: ABC Wednesdays! The letter Z!!!!

This is one of my favorite things in the whole world- a zuegma.  The dictionary defines it as "the use of a word to modify or govern two or sometimes more words, only one of which makes sense".  What?
I like to describe it like this : subject, {verb, maybe adjective- } which link a literal and a figurative predicate.  Ok- I confused you more I see.

I'll give you an example- He threw and egg and an insult.  I made that one up all by myself.

He stained her dress (ahem, Clinton) and her reputation.

She was heavy with corsets and thought.

He shouldered a heavey tray and responsiblities.

Spongebob even does it, apparently he said "For sixty-five years this belt has been preventing the fall of nations. And pants" of merman's belt.

You have any good ones?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sketchbooks, Calaveras, and I burned the baby

There's a link to my right as I type titled CRAFTS.  I like looking at craft blogs- but what really got me is this link they have on their page for the Sketchbook Tour.  You pay 25 bucks and they send you a sketch book.  Then you send it back to them and they take it on tour.  Cool huh?  You have to sign up by October 31st- so It'll be a perfect birthday gift for myself.

I really dig altered art and stuff you find in art magazines at Barnes and Nobles.   Magazines usually published by Stampington.  Particularly Art Journal and Somerset Studios.  (Though this month's Stuffed has my favorite animal doll artist John Murphy in it). 

yep, that's what I think my next next next project will be.  First, I want to work on some mandalas, an altered* journal, and some calaveras (like Lyn's really cool felt one) but maybe out of clay or papermache.  Oh- and another clay baby- I burned the first baby.

*when I moved out, to facilitate my moving, Ex packed some of my stuff for me.  He labeled my altar box as Alter- which is not so wrong, but quite funny to me.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Here's the car I want!

I already wanted a Smart car- but this one is covered in crochet granny squares! awesomeness!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am a snob

I'm a lot of other things too :) if you hadn't noticed.  I am also a witch- for lack of a better label.  You probably already knew that.  If you didn't I hope you still love me.  I know what religion you subscribe to, and I still love you.  There is a point to this.

I was going to get on a pagan network.  I was all excited when I saw the little linky thing on the side of someone's blog.  I went to the page to check out who else was on there.  That's when I realized I was a snob.

I've posted about my blog issues before.  I hate if you don't post the whole blog- why should I have to push a button to read more? I also can't stand when the text is tiny, or if there are no pictures. But I realized something else.

 I don't like single minded blogs.  If you post about your religion and only your religion every day, it gets boring. Just like I don't want a recipe every day. If I did, I'd go to a recipe blog. Not that I don't like recipe blogs- everyone needs a recipe now and again.

I don't like people who seem fake.  If you use terms or post items just because other people you want to be like do, that just stinks.  I want to know the real you.  Hyperbole and a Half had this issue not long ago- someone actually stole her words and reposted them because they were not sure how to be authentic.  Same goes for if you post a jello recipe just because everyone else is, or just because it defines your label as jello-boss.

I don't like the whole pagan: choose a weird name game.  I know, fluffy bunnies (some will understand this term- others won't sorry), think the "burning times, ahem, make them choose a new name- but that's a pile of boohookey.  Others are still in the broom closet.  Others like the pomp and circumstance of rituals and name changes.  If it's authentically you- go for it! If it's not, everyone can tell! Especially if the name you chose is Pixie Moonbeam or Raven Willowtree.

I also am very sad that some blogs I have read are no longer posting.  I get all excited about the blog- then bam! they disappear.  The latest baby blog I posted to is really a dead blog.  I wish the internet could forget dead blogs.   I found quite a few dead blogs on the network I was gonna get on.

I couldn't figure out  how to post the stupid little linky button thingy.  But then, it might be because I had already blended this mojito for myself:
anyhoo! what I am saying is, I love you just the way you are.  You are perfect.  Though I's still like to have those "followers" who don't have a blog posted to their google reader account let me know who they are.  I hope you still love me even though I used the "w" word, and even though I am a blog snob.

seriously! I read those blogs you see over there->  because I dig reading their random thoughts. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

I was looking for photos of Mae West, and came across this statue.  I love it.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I have an old urge revisiting me- people in polymer clay.  I am particularly enamored with the teeny tiny babies.  I added a blog to those I read: real baby fantasy.  I also borrowed a picture of his:

I also had this in my files but don't know where I found it:

I started my own baby with scrap clay, but I know this will take years and years to make mine as pretty as theirs- I plan on adding wings to mine tomorrow, and coloring her up a bit. The picture is cruddy because I am using my phone.  Note to self- get camera out of boyfriend's truck.

and on top of that, I cheated.  I bought face molds from this seller on etsy. OH! That's where the fairy picture came from- lol
Ok- I had fun, but someday I hope to be as talented as other clay baby makers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I wish I would have...

Mama's Losin' it has a thursday meme for us all.  She challenges us with a few writing prompts and tells us to go to it.  I was gonna do "bucket list"  but chose instead to go with the "I wish I would have" prompt.  Though, I will tweak it a bit since I am not going to write about one mistake or lack of  action.  When I think of "I wish I would have"  it's more convoluted.

I wish I would have>>>
had more time in college.  I know I took about 5 years to get my AA, but that's because I was taking only a few classes a semester. I had kids to taxi and dinners to make.  But I was an at-home mom then, and I wish I had squeezed another art, art history, and religion class into my schedule.  I find I am better at creating when I am given a task in art class.  I want to learn how to watercolor.  My favorite teacher was a man who taught Magic, witchcraft, and religion.  I know I could go back.  I just finished up my Master's.  I am tired of college and it's costs.  Maybe if I take art classes forever I won't have to pay my student loan.

spent more time playing with my son Tobin.  When he was in the hospital, he wanted to go to the playroom.  Uncle Geppy took him there all the time.  I was more interested in snuggling with him or just breathing- I didn't take him to the playroom a lot.  I don't know why.  I think I got wrapped up in my survival as an in-hospital mom.  I did love the rocking chair and coloring.  I just didn't enjoy the playroom as much as he did.

been with my kids the last two years.  I made the choice to leave the family home after 17 years of marriage.  I missed a lot in the last two years.  Sure, I see them, but not every day.  I don't hear as many tidbits about their lives, they don't come crying to me any longer.  Their dad is the apple of their eyes.  I'm just mom- though I think I have always been just mom.  I see traits like responsibility and filial loyalty that have grown because I left, and I appreciate that, but the guilt and sadness I feel for leaving sucks.

stood up more to the Ex early in the marriage.  I needed a pair of cohones.  I needed to know myself so I could voice what I needed and wanted. I didn't.

taken my kitty with me.  I know the dog here would have eaten her though.  My kitty left the kids' house and I don't know where she is.  I miss her too. (she's older than the picture).

eaten that chocolate cake when I was on a diet as a teenager.  I dieted way too much as a teenager.

OK- I have other things in my life some people might consider a changeable circumstance, but each change would alter life, wouldn't it?  And each change would change me too- and who knows whether that life or that me would be a happier or better person.  Maybe someday I'll blog about what I wouldn't change!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Y is for....Yiddish!

It's ABC WEDNESDAY!  and I didn't even have to go to my dictionary to find a word. 
Yiddish- it's a mutt of a language, based on german, hebrew, and slavic languages.  It's called a fusion language- but I like the word mutt- because that's what I am as well.

I've always loved Yiddish phrases.  You know 'em- you just might not realize that they are yiddish!  Words like bubbala, blintz, chutzpa, gelt, glitch,  kvetch, klutz, nosh, plotz, oy vey (I actually use that without knowing where it came from),  shmuck, schlep, shmooze, schlub,  tushy, and spiel.  I'd love to emmerse myself in yiddish just so I can learn to speak it mixed with English- yenglish? Engiddish?

If you are bored- Google Yiddish Phrases, you know you'll love them.