Saturday, June 12, 2010

What does a broken leg cost?

Man, if I could, I would scream rape.  really. Lemme break (ehem) it down for you.

6 mile drive  to hospital -                     $1118.00
mileage for ride                                    $186.00
because I did this at night                     $144.00

xrays                                                   $348.15
xrays                                                    $355.95
Level 4 something or another              $1044.00
(which probably connotes why they left me in the waiting room the whole time)
discount because I have no insurance    -349.62

doctor- who bills separate from the hospital
to look at it-                                       $663.00
because he's a doctor                         $194.00

xray- cuz the first xray bill was not enough- $50.00

crutches (separate bill too) -           $86.44

then, because all they did was say "you broke both bones in your ankle"- and wrapped it up, I had to find a doctor to actually cast me.

First visit- 175.00 for cast
                140.00 for office visit-                    $315.00
second visit- needed new cast- $100
                           office visit-    $60
                          xrays-            $40               $200
third visit     take off cast-         free
                  office visit              $60
                    xrays                   $40               $100
oh- percodan-                      $10
Total cost?  $4,464.92!!!

This is more than I made last year alone! Subbing in a state where teachers are being laid off and are given first dibs at sub jobs is not a lucrative career move.

I haven't added the loss of wages into the cost.  I had over 6 days of jobs booked already ($600.00) and the potentional to work about 30 days more if I was lucky ($3000).

This was all with various "uninsured" discounts as well.  Really?  I saw crutches at the drug store yesterday and they weren't reatailed at 90 bucks.  Why am I paying 300 an xray at the hospital but 40 at the doctor's office for the same xray?  Does the hospitals xray machine have magical healing rays?

I could go on, but I have to go count my change.  I should deliver the payment in pennies.


Anonymous said...

What really stinks about this whole biz is they jack up they fees and write off over half for participating insurance providers but expect the uninsured to pay the whole exhorbitant amount! Outrageous! I'm steaming over here for's a racket!!!!!

Diandra said...

Ouch, that hurts! (No pun intended.)

Working as a medical translator, I have come across some amazing numbers as well. "On his 1st visit to our clinic, the patient should pay 3,000.-€ in cash" - only to be greeted and examined, no treatment involved! I'd like to say wow, but I'm not being paid for this... (^v^)

Lyn said...

That's an obscene amount of money! We don't have that problem here in the UK because we all pay into 'National Insurance' so it makes me realise how lucky we are (even though we complain bitterly about the incompetence of it).

Love the green cast btw - very dashing. And so it should be at that price!

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot believe that - that is daylight robbery. Coming from the UK it is hard to believe that anyone has to pay anything that comes even close to this amount.

Her Mom said...

Know exactly where you're coming from. Been there a couple of times before Medicare kicked in. What's really bad is that nearly 50% of our population can't afford insurance. Not sure how the new health care bill will affect, but in the meantime, screaming rape seems to be about all we can.

Walk in the Woods said...
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Walk in the Woods said...

All I can say is ... don't get me goin'!

May you heal quickly and well ~ In body and mind. Peace.

Imagination Cakes said...

That's horrible!!!! No wonder people have a hard time getting back on their feet after an injury. Look at how much it cost. It's rediculouse when does free healthcare kick in. It's even so sad that my sister a nurse had no insurance for years, but as soon as she got married it magically appeared. The system sucks!!!