Thursday, June 17, 2010

so sorry!

If you are anything like me, sometimes I wonder where the authors to blogs have disappeared to if they don't write after a few days.
You may alse be wondering why I haven't commented on your blog, like I usually do.

I showed you the 11 kids I am taking care of along with my brother.  We've been waking them up at 9 am or earlier and running them ragged, usually dropping into bed around 11:30 pm! I've done about 20 loads of laundry and cooked a lot of meals- so no time for blogging.

They are in the pool right now, I have a moment to catch up on reading.


Her Mom said...

I missed it - when did you show us the kids?

I've missed you. But I've understood. For now.

Anonymous said...

Is that a ninja string doll? Cool! Have fun, but don't let the kiddos wear you out! Will be out of town for a few days but will catch up when I get back in!

Creative Flair said...

Wow! I'm surprised you even got this post in. Crazy busy. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I hope you have a little rest & relaxation soon. Will you?