Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Killing two birds with one stone

I am going to do my X word for ABC Wednesdays and my 25 things you didn't know about me for Suzicate at Waterwitch's daughter all at one time. So, I might be lacking on X's- but I won't be lacking on TMI- (grin)

1.  I am 38- that's XXXVIII in roman numerals - take that!
2. I am not a real xanthocomic (yellow-haired) woman, I am more taupe, but I dye my hair
3. I like to think of myself as a xenial (hospitable) person.  I might not be when I am tired though.
4.I enjoy a bit of xenomancy every once in a while, primarily having my tarot cards read.  I haven't been to a palm reader since one told me I was having only one kid and I was pregnant with my third. (she insisted she was right even after I pointed that out)
5.I would like to learn xyloglyphy- wood carving- and try a little every once in a while while I am on my mother's property where she has fallen trees.  I want to make pretty walking sticks, talking sticks, and wands.
6. I like spiders. My uncle collected unknown species of spiders and introduced me to them as a child.  I don't fear them, unless they are black widows- I don't know what a recluse looks like, I probably should.
7. I have big dreams of growing herbs and making foods, teas, and lotions from them, but I know I might be too scattered or lazy to follow through with it. I did use my homegrown basil yesterday.
8. I collect craft stuff I'll never use, or use only once.  When I moved out of Ex's house, I threw away and donated bags and bags of stuff.  I am trying not to gain as much back, but I already have a small fabric stash, a paint pile, and an urge to buy doll molds to make baby fimo dolls.
9. My favorite fast food is to cook whole wheat noodles, make some kind of sauce like pesto or garlic sauce, add lots and lots of veggies and eat.
10.  I was a vegetarian for a year or two.  I stopped when I couldn't give blood due to low iron ( I was eating veggies high in iron)- but I love bacon and sausage too much to even think about it now.  However, if  I had a pig, he'd end up being a pet and never become bacon. I might name him bacon because I am weird that way.
11. I really miss being queen of my castle.  I miss making decorating decisions and dinner choices. I miss throwing parties and owning cats.  Right now I am living in someone else's house and it's not so easy.
12. My hopes of being a real teacher are in the gutter at the moment.  California sucks.  I might not have a real job for five or so years- but I don't want to move out of state because of my kids.
13. I decided I need to lose 15-20 pounds.  It's hard because I like beer and food.
14. I don't really like candy.  Chocolate is good every once in a while.  BeckyRoka was delicious because it has a hint of serrano in it.  But most are too sweet.  I'd rather eat salty crunchy or sweet salty crunchy.  Chubby hubby is a good choice.  Chunky Monkey is another.  Chocolate covered pretzles, mmm.
15. Beets and liver stink.  I also hate the song Muskrat love.  I dont know why, but I do.
16.  I am a dork.  when all my friends were listening to 80's music like Duran Duran and Culture club, I was listening to my mom's albums- John Denver, Anne Murray, Don McClean, Roger Whittaker.  I never knew the cool music or cool way of dressing.
17.  Sometimes I dream I'm in track again- though I can't seem to run in the dream much like I can't seem to run in real life.
18. I'm afraid of sharks.  In swimming pools even.
19.I used to go to a Baptist church.  Then methodist.  Then Catholic.  Then none.  Then Catholic.  Now I am not a Christian.  Even now, my thought of Gods/Goddesses/ God?Goddess is changing.  I believe in energy, some cosmic thought (how can you not if you look at how giraffes are painted), but am still working out the details.
20. As a teen, I didn't like Michael Jackson( I still don't)- I had a wild crush on Adam Ant.
21. Some days, running off to live in a commune in the woods sounds good.  Some days, a commune sounds like too much work.  Plus, I like alone time.
22.  My birth father had the idea that he was going to sail to Isreal.  When I was 10, he, his angry girlfriend, my bro, and I hopped on a 38 foot wooden boat and started off from Hudson Bay in New York.  By the time we reached New Jersey, our engine went kapoot, the mast had fallen off and landed about a foot from my head, and I had spent all night bailing out the boat so we didn't sink. We only made it to Florida where he sank the boat as a reef.
23. I think cats are better than dogs.
24. I am certain my body requires 9-11 hours of sleep, even though medical experts may argue that.
25. I hate Disneyland.  and all that Disney entails.

Tag- Nydia at Bringing up Salamanders,   I really don't know who I haven't tagged before- but if you want to be tagged as well, go ahead- I'd love to read 25 things about you!


LisaF said...

#1-5 Brilliant!
#7 Lemon balm taking over my yard and would love to know what to do with the stuff.
#13 Substitute wine for beer and that's me too.
#15 I'm right there with ya.
#19 Sorry to hear this. Wish I could help.
#22 Made me giggle and shake my head in disbelief at the same time!
#24 Absolutely, no question.

Your mom tagged me a few days ago, so mine is up and running now.

Sprite's Keeper said...

For a while, I was a Disney hater too. Then my daughter discovered Minnie Mouse two years ago and I've been pulled back in with season passes and everything. Meh. It makes her happy.

Nydia said...

Thank you for tagging me, K! I'll post my 25 things (wow, going to do a lot of thining for that! lol)later night after my little witch is sound asleep! :o)

Kisses from us.

Lily Hydrangea said...

# 18 is the funniest one!
great X post too.

Jay said...

I'm with you on 19 and 20! But I do like Disneyland. I thought I didn't, until I was persuaded to got there to take the boys and to my amazement, I looooved it!

You found some great x words to work in, too!

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

Her Mom said...

Good job! I just learned some new X words.

Beer has calories, but does wine? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Eat lots of your "fast food" and you'll be good to go! Glad you're back home and back online.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Roger Owen Green said...

Love the list! not tmi at all. I hate beets too. I've seen Don McLean live.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

Interesting and fun, too!

Anonymous said...

All I can invision from this list is orange track shorts, really tight orange track pants.
Thanks for letting into your life a little.

Berowne said...

"Beets and liver stink."
I won't argue with you about beets, but there's a way to get to like liver. First off, you have to know how to -- and have the dedication and commitment to be able to -- CARAMELIZE onions. Not exactly an easy process. When you've got a large pile of these, caramelized correctly and with care, smother the cooked liver with them. An excellent, "bon appetit" type of dish.
"I'm afraid of sharks. In swimming pools even."
No need. By state law, the sharks that are found in swimming pools have passed rigorous tests, including he ability to hum "Mac the Knife," that render them harmless. (Just don't say "bon appetit" to the shark.)