Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm a Stalker

Some days I go on your blogs and check out who you read.  This is why I have so many blogs that I follow. I've been gathering more now that I am housebound.
I found Sprite's Keeper and Water Witch's Daughter through my Mom's Wanderings of an Elusive Mind.
I found Bringing Up Salamanders and  others through Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom.
Others like Lyn at Witch Blog I found by googling.  I like Witch blogs, including Lyn's because most of them lead really interesting lives, they know how to have good clean fun and make pretty stuff :)

And today I found Art Cards 365 through Walking in the Woods (Rose) at What I made Today. The picture above is from that site and made by Jennifer Nillson.  Gorgeous huh?  On sale on ebay even.

I want to start doing art again.I've quilted and sewn a bit in the last few weeks, and blogging is somewhat an art.  But I want to paint again.  I can't tell if I am just not grounded enough to sit and paint or if the problem is that I'll be stuck outside or upstairs in a hot enclosed bare room in order to paint.  I have an idea for my big canvas, it just hasn't been started.  I think maybe the key is that I need to start with art cards.  To work in little playing card sized paper illustrations.  Then I can make it bigger when my leg is better and I might find a comfortable place to paint.  I can do art cards on a TV tray downstairs with my TV in the background.  and I can take a pad of paper to my mommy's house where I always paint.  This site seems like a great motivation.  I'll probably use a few days to check it out before I start my own though- cause that's how I roll.



Jennifer said...

HI there!
I received your lovely message and am so flattered you chose my art to display on your blog! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for linking to 365.
Wishing you a BEE-U-T-FUL day!
Jenn (Nilsson)

Anonymous said...

You are so talented. I wish I could paint. I didn't realize that you are a quilter, too. That is my passion other than words!

Her Mom said...

Art cards - is that small-scale painting, I gather? Anything that satisfies the need for creativity is good. Go for it!

Creative Flair said...

I found you through "stalking" Walk in the Woods site. :)

Asirek said...

You are welcome to take a peek at mine too :) Check out MY Favorites :)