Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garmin the GPS is not my friend.

Today I was trying to upload "Talking Carl" from my son's ipod account to a few of the kids' phones.  Who knew 4th graders could be entertained for hours by a red box that repeats what you said in a baby voice?
Anyway, I inadvertently used my account which was attached to my checking account, which had 8 cents in it.  Carl, apparently, is worth 99 cents.  So, I had to hop into the 15 person van we rented to haul the 11 kids around, and run quickly to the bank.

Garmin was supposed to help me.  But Garmin doesn't like me.

I chose to search by name.  I typed in Chase.  It gave me a few options.  All were near Disneyland- the busiest street on earth! 

I drove to place A.  Garmin was yelling at me- "It's right there!  It's right there!"  and I looked to the left where Garmin was pointing- but all I saw was a Disneyland parking lot.
So, I told Garmin, "No, I don't want to find an imaginary bank in the Disneyland parking lot (or stray ATM, or whatever Garmin was pointing at with such conviction)".   "Bring me to choice B".
Choice B was in another parking lot! So I told Garmin "Noooo- I do not want one in a parking lot"- and Garmin cooed"Ok, turn around".  which I did.  Then it ordered me to "Uturn now" and demanded I turn back to choice A!!sheesh
I shut Garmin off and just drove as far away from Disneyland as I could get on limited gas and in a 5 minute span.  Then I turned Garmin on and asked him politely again.  I think he was peeved because he held his hand out (like stop-hand- in the name of love) and made me wait for about 5 minutes! Then he finally said "fine, whatever, drive half a block and your darn bank is right there!"
~ said bank was closed and I dumbly pulled at door a few times til I realized it was Sunday~duh
On the way back to the house, I noticed that there was a bank half of a block away from the house- I passed it while listening to Garmin.  He's a trickser, I tell you- and I am not amused.
off to eat dinner with 11 energetic kids!


Anonymous said...

Garmin is a need to rename him with a jerk name. Sorry he led you on a goose chase, and on a're too funny.

Her Mom said...

So, is Garmin related to Mother Nature maybe?

Imagination Cakes said...

I know what you mean. It gives you locations that are closed or have moved but doesn't give you the new location. Even though you know it's there.

LisaF said...

I know exactly what you mean! We were in Birmingham AL and put in the address for a Cajun restaurant that was highly recommended. The stupid thing took us through a residential neighborhood and pointed at a house for the final destination! Guess it was kidding, because when we put it in again, it took us another 10 miles away, to the right place. :/