Friday, June 4, 2010

Everybody is Somebody's Someone

I watched the movie "All about Steve" yesterday.  It was the one where Sandra Bullock's character seems like a stalker. It was really a cute movie despite bad ratings.  I think Ms.Bullock is a great quirky actress.  Anyway, I had a really sweet thought after the movie- Everybody is somebody's someone.  Really.  It's cool to think, and most probably true, that someone out there really likes you for you- exactly how you are.  No, I am not talking soul mates.  I don't believe in soul mates.  I'm not even talking romance necessarily.  I'm just saying that you are most likely somebody's cheese to their macaroni.
          In the movie, there was a quirky dorky geeky guy who made apple heads for a living and a sweet full figured southern girl.  at one point she even showed her little belly in the movie.  I get a secret thrill out of non-skinny girls showing the world how gorgeous they are even without a Victoria's Secret stomach.  This guy was not the guy the girls in high school would swoon over.  But he was a very loveable character.  He'd be a great boyfriend.  And the full-figured girl- did I say she was gorgeous?  She was not the type you'd see in beach scenes in a movie, but I thought her southern sweetness and curves made her better girlfriend material than one of those girls. They didn't get hooked up in the movie- and the movie wasn't even about finding a "mate"- but I could see how each of these people would be appealing to someone even if they didn't fit the hollywood perfection stereotype.
           Remember the movie about the All American Girl's Baseball League?  It had that redhead starlet in it, and Rosie O'donnell and Madonna.  There was one geeky girl in it too- painfully shy- not girly at all- remember?  She ended up singing to a guy when they went and danced with the soldiers.   On stage, singing sultry-ly into the microphone.  They guy (Nelson?) was smitten.  He was not awed by Madonna or the redhead starlet, he was awed by the cheese for his macaroni.

I love this thought. I really do.  I love that my really tall  classically beautiful mom married a short computer nerd.  I say that with the upmost love and respect too.  I bought him a t-shirt that says "chicks dig pale scrawny guys"- lol.  They just fit as a couple.
I love the thought that even though I am not hollywood's version of ideal beauty- that even though I am not what Maxim magazine seems to think all guys are looking for- that I am a 38 year old, averaged sized, small chested, kinda unemployed and somedays a little batty woman, I might be the cheese to someone's macaroni.

* the older couple came from here-


her mom said...

Does it count if you're the cheese for my macaroni? Seriously, I love the concept.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

aw mom- I know you love me. You can't help it.

K said...

GEENA DAVIS! That's the redheaded starlet