Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crap TV- part deux

I don't know how I sucker myself into watching these shows. Maybe it is because I've been home two months and everything seems to be a rerun, or a court TV show, and I can't watch a judge yell at people. To redeem myself, I will state that I have not watched any real housewives of any city, I haven't seen jersey whatever, and I refuse to watch anything with Paris Hilton in it.
But the other day I did watch Toddlers and Tiaras. Why????? It can't be for the girls' sweetness or natural looking beauty.

I haven't figured out my opinion on pageants.  Ok, I have, but I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't think anything based on beauty is really healthy for a girl.  Beauty, first of all, can't really be measured by outside appearances- you all know that- Has there ever been a time that you've dated someone that the world would not call incredibly attractive, but as you got to know his/her wonderful qualities s/he became more and more attractive to you?  See?  Beauty is not only skin deep.  Whoever said that it was is a lying liar who lies.
      I also don't think that we should dress up anyone who is this young in prostitute clothes and then parade them around stage.  Full makeup with fake eyelashes?  What the Heck?  They call it "glamour", I call it just plain scary.  Then, they are asked to dance in said prostitute clothes.  The end up copying the moves their parent is doing at the end of the stage, and these moves looked like they were choreographed by Brittany Spears.  Spears wasn't even as slutty as these girls when she was 8!
      Then they all wait to see if they have won in "beauty","smile", "eyes" , "face", or "clothes" categories.  Yeah, lets reward them for genetics and their moms spending thousands of dollars on little girl prostitute clothes. 
      One little girl says "we are just trained people".  Yep.  Your parents are training you to be shallow, to base your life on looks and clothing, to covet a win that requires no real skill (they do have a talent portion but that usually dance or some stupid joke of a talent- they are no Yo Yo Ma).  Your parents should have bought a dog that they could have dressed up and entered into dog shows. at least the dog show requires effort, and then your parents could leave you alone to have a normal and almost healthy childhood.
      I'd like to say that the kids might be learning something.  They know how to smile in the face of adversity.  They know how to lose (some with grace, some with a tantrum).  They know how to sort of sit still while they are painted to look like little hookers (sitting still is a learned skill, ya'll).  They know how to take direction.  And they meet new people all the time.  New little hookers with whom they will compete.
      I think my main issue is that a lot of these girls have expressed that they don't want to do it.  But mama, who is usually a pageant queen herself or a wannabe pageant girl, is using them as a big barbie to dress up and parade around.  Another thing that bothers me is that these girls might have a better time and learn more in different sports (one girl was pretending to be a bunny one minute and a dog the next- I bet 4H would be perfect for her).  Plus, these moms (and an occasionally dad(who I suspect may be gay but not ready to admit it*)) spend wayyyy too much money on dresses, hair falls, makeup, and helpers.  One even had fake teeth made for her child so the judges wouldn't see the missing tooth and gaps.  The moms' lives are based solely on the children's pageants and thus looks.  Then, these girls become big whiney tantrum throwing brats. and mom says "she's just tired and difficult today"- gosh! If my kid was behaving that way, I'd pack her butt back into the car and deposit her whiney self into her bedroom for a great big time out.  But nooo- these mom's tolerate the tantrums because they can't upset their dear princesses before the big show.
It's a sad state of affairs, and I was someone how sucked into it.  I now bow my head in shame.

*For the record, I am fine with gayness.  I feel that it is a biological thing like any sexual attraction and love is.  And I don't necessary think that just because a man is interested in doing hobbies with his daughter, or even in clothing, that he is gay.  But this particular dad, who was doing pageants with his daughter, designed all her clothing, and made up her dance moves had gay vibes pouring out of him.  Plus, his poor wife just took the backseat in the family- no longer needed because he now has a living doll to dress up and parade around.


Anonymous said...

I had a short lived obsession with that show (about 3 or 4 episodes) and I saw the one with the "gay" dad. I just couldn't stomache the sickness that show is (nothing to do with the gay dad, more like the sick stage moms). I do, however, LOVE the Real Housewives : )

Her Mom said...

What a dead end road! Physical beauty is temporary - we all grow older, we all get wrinkles, we all sag. Spend the energy on becoming all you can be in ways other than your beauty. That will last much longer. Fortunately, I've missed the show. No, wait! I haven't missed it. I've managed not to watch it.

SuziCate said...

I get so angry when I see little girls painted up like grown women and paraded around in sexy clothes...I find it totally disgusting. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everything that you said. It is awful!! In the UK I don't think they have many pageants (that I know of anyway)... and in the Middle East they definitely don't!! ;0)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I agree with you, the conventional standards for beauty can be deadly for a woman, especially the really young ones.

Aksharaa said...

Yeah! i know what u mean.we have similar shows running here in Indian TV too.Hardly ever watch them, they are so irritating.Poor little kids, they are so pressurised to perform, act suave and sophisticated and confident and grown-uppish...so horrible of their parents to cut into their innocent childhood. Kids today grow up much faster than we did,i feel.at least the least a parent can do is keep their innocence for as many days as possible.
btw, thanx for visiting. u must MUST MUST read AC.i suggest Appointment with Death, Hickory Dickory Dock and The Hollow to begin with. I promise, u will be hooked to her books.