Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On some of your blogs, my picture doesn't show when I make comments.  I don't want to be some strange quilt piece or a sillouette- how do I fix this?


Kathy said...

Dear K, I think you have to be a wordpress blogger to get your beautiful avatar to show up on wordpress. :( I am sorry to see that you are some sort of greenish Modern Art design on my blog comments. Darn! But thanks for stopping by to comment anyway!

Her Mom said...

It appears avatars are not cross-blog friendly. Mine doesn't show on your blog, but does show on Wordpress blogs.

Lyn said...

You're showing up on my blog (self hosted wordpress) with an avatar (very cute btw). I registered my photo with gravatar - - that works by picking up the photo attached to your email address. It should, in a fingers crossed kind of way, work on all blogs!

P.S. Attempt #2 has been posted today ;-)