Wednesday, June 30, 2010

another post today- GIVEAWAY!

Mrs.B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom is having a giveaway.  It's for a yummy looking book called Booze Cakes.  I didn't want to tell you since that means you'll be entering as well, but maybe if you win, you will bake me some goodies.

Killing two birds with one stone

I am going to do my X word for ABC Wednesdays and my 25 things you didn't know about me for Suzicate at Waterwitch's daughter all at one time. So, I might be lacking on X's- but I won't be lacking on TMI- (grin)

1.  I am 38- that's XXXVIII in roman numerals - take that!
2. I am not a real xanthocomic (yellow-haired) woman, I am more taupe, but I dye my hair
3. I like to think of myself as a xenial (hospitable) person.  I might not be when I am tired though.
4.I enjoy a bit of xenomancy every once in a while, primarily having my tarot cards read.  I haven't been to a palm reader since one told me I was having only one kid and I was pregnant with my third. (she insisted she was right even after I pointed that out)
5.I would like to learn xyloglyphy- wood carving- and try a little every once in a while while I am on my mother's property where she has fallen trees.  I want to make pretty walking sticks, talking sticks, and wands.
6. I like spiders. My uncle collected unknown species of spiders and introduced me to them as a child.  I don't fear them, unless they are black widows- I don't know what a recluse looks like, I probably should.
7. I have big dreams of growing herbs and making foods, teas, and lotions from them, but I know I might be too scattered or lazy to follow through with it. I did use my homegrown basil yesterday.
8. I collect craft stuff I'll never use, or use only once.  When I moved out of Ex's house, I threw away and donated bags and bags of stuff.  I am trying not to gain as much back, but I already have a small fabric stash, a paint pile, and an urge to buy doll molds to make baby fimo dolls.
9. My favorite fast food is to cook whole wheat noodles, make some kind of sauce like pesto or garlic sauce, add lots and lots of veggies and eat.
10.  I was a vegetarian for a year or two.  I stopped when I couldn't give blood due to low iron ( I was eating veggies high in iron)- but I love bacon and sausage too much to even think about it now.  However, if  I had a pig, he'd end up being a pet and never become bacon. I might name him bacon because I am weird that way.
11. I really miss being queen of my castle.  I miss making decorating decisions and dinner choices. I miss throwing parties and owning cats.  Right now I am living in someone else's house and it's not so easy.
12. My hopes of being a real teacher are in the gutter at the moment.  California sucks.  I might not have a real job for five or so years- but I don't want to move out of state because of my kids.
13. I decided I need to lose 15-20 pounds.  It's hard because I like beer and food.
14. I don't really like candy.  Chocolate is good every once in a while.  BeckyRoka was delicious because it has a hint of serrano in it.  But most are too sweet.  I'd rather eat salty crunchy or sweet salty crunchy.  Chubby hubby is a good choice.  Chunky Monkey is another.  Chocolate covered pretzles, mmm.
15. Beets and liver stink.  I also hate the song Muskrat love.  I dont know why, but I do.
16.  I am a dork.  when all my friends were listening to 80's music like Duran Duran and Culture club, I was listening to my mom's albums- John Denver, Anne Murray, Don McClean, Roger Whittaker.  I never knew the cool music or cool way of dressing.
17.  Sometimes I dream I'm in track again- though I can't seem to run in the dream much like I can't seem to run in real life.
18. I'm afraid of sharks.  In swimming pools even.
19.I used to go to a Baptist church.  Then methodist.  Then Catholic.  Then none.  Then Catholic.  Now I am not a Christian.  Even now, my thought of Gods/Goddesses/ God?Goddess is changing.  I believe in energy, some cosmic thought (how can you not if you look at how giraffes are painted), but am still working out the details.
20. As a teen, I didn't like Michael Jackson( I still don't)- I had a wild crush on Adam Ant.
21. Some days, running off to live in a commune in the woods sounds good.  Some days, a commune sounds like too much work.  Plus, I like alone time.
22.  My birth father had the idea that he was going to sail to Isreal.  When I was 10, he, his angry girlfriend, my bro, and I hopped on a 38 foot wooden boat and started off from Hudson Bay in New York.  By the time we reached New Jersey, our engine went kapoot, the mast had fallen off and landed about a foot from my head, and I had spent all night bailing out the boat so we didn't sink. We only made it to Florida where he sank the boat as a reef.
23. I think cats are better than dogs.
24. I am certain my body requires 9-11 hours of sleep, even though medical experts may argue that.
25. I hate Disneyland.  and all that Disney entails.

Tag- Nydia at Bringing up Salamanders,   I really don't know who I haven't tagged before- but if you want to be tagged as well, go ahead- I'd love to read 25 things about you!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm still recovering.  I had a great two weeks.  I spent some time with (eleven) wonderful, energetic, smart, and caring children who made me feel valuable again.  I got to see my big brother in action as a teacher and caretaker (this just solidified my feeling that someday I want to be just like him).  I also was able to see things(the inside of radio stations, homeless shelter, and Angel's stadium broadcasting room) and meet great people (Like Rosey Grier, and Rico the recovering man at the hoeless shelter).  All in all, it was a growth experience.
There were some things I could have lived without: Disneyland is one of them.  Thinking I returned our car to the wrong rental place, another.
I hope to relive some of our experiences later on the blog- but right now it is all a blur, and I have to go read your blogs that I have missed so much.  Plus Suzicate at Water Witch's daughter tagged me, and I need to post that!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rosey Grier

If you don't know who he is, you will have to google him.
I'd love to write a long blog about how the kids and my bro and I got to interview Rosey today, but It's midnight and I have a bed calling.  Lemme just give you a little quip about how impressive he is as a man, as a human:
He told us about the day he was with Bobby Kennedy when he got shot (killed).  Wikipedia will tell you how he took control of the murderer, Sirhan Sirhan, got his gun, and subdued him.  But there is a little background story to this. 
A few people who has seen SS shoot Bobby tackled SS, and they were trying to pummel him to death- after all, SS had just killed a man who they believed would be a great leader (as did Rosey).  Rosey subdued SS not only because he had a gun and had just murdered Rosey's friend, Bobby.  But also because Rosey was trying to save SS's life.  Had Rosey not subdued SS, the crowd would have killed the murderer.
This is amazing to me.  Rosey said later that he didn't hate the man, he just wanted to understand what drove him to do it.  He hated the action, sure...but he loves all men, all God's creations.
Rosey also was genuinely thrilled to talk to us.  He doesn't act or feel like a famous man, he is just a wonderfully warm hearted teddy bear.  He was thrilled to talk to "the future leaders of the world", which our kids are.  He was thrilled to spread his message of love and grace.
He is a very inspiring man, and I want to be like him when I grow up.
See that smile?  It is real.  He is smiling at you.
*this is an old picture I stole off the web.  He's 77 years old now.  Looks about the same, but thinner thanks to his assistant who is also a dietician (Leora).  I'll post the picture I got of him when my camera is uploaded to my computer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lyn has a cool give-away!

You have to check out her string doll giveaway!

so sorry!

If you are anything like me, sometimes I wonder where the authors to blogs have disappeared to if they don't write after a few days.
You may alse be wondering why I haven't commented on your blog, like I usually do.

I showed you the 11 kids I am taking care of along with my brother.  We've been waking them up at 9 am or earlier and running them ragged, usually dropping into bed around 11:30 pm! I've done about 20 loads of laundry and cooked a lot of meals- so no time for blogging.

They are in the pool right now, I have a moment to catch up on reading.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Face of the Week! Moxie

It's face of the week Monday at Spacial Peepol!
Because everyone seemed to love the little sister kitty last week- I thought I'd post her :)

Here she is a few weeks old.

and here she is loving her brother.

Sadly, their mom died about a year after we adopted them.  The man who took care of the mom was really sad.  So, my Ex and the kids decided that Moxie and her brother should go live at the shop again- Chase spends his time tormenting people from the rafters, while Moxie gets lots of loving.  They have a nice indoor home, plenty of attention, and lots of good food.  Not to mention bugs and rodents to keep them entertained.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garmin the GPS is not my friend.

Today I was trying to upload "Talking Carl" from my son's ipod account to a few of the kids' phones.  Who knew 4th graders could be entertained for hours by a red box that repeats what you said in a baby voice?
Anyway, I inadvertently used my account which was attached to my checking account, which had 8 cents in it.  Carl, apparently, is worth 99 cents.  So, I had to hop into the 15 person van we rented to haul the 11 kids around, and run quickly to the bank.

Garmin was supposed to help me.  But Garmin doesn't like me.

I chose to search by name.  I typed in Chase.  It gave me a few options.  All were near Disneyland- the busiest street on earth! 

I drove to place A.  Garmin was yelling at me- "It's right there!  It's right there!"  and I looked to the left where Garmin was pointing- but all I saw was a Disneyland parking lot.
So, I told Garmin, "No, I don't want to find an imaginary bank in the Disneyland parking lot (or stray ATM, or whatever Garmin was pointing at with such conviction)".   "Bring me to choice B".
Choice B was in another parking lot! So I told Garmin "Noooo- I do not want one in a parking lot"- and Garmin cooed"Ok, turn around".  which I did.  Then it ordered me to "Uturn now" and demanded I turn back to choice A!!sheesh
I shut Garmin off and just drove as far away from Disneyland as I could get on limited gas and in a 5 minute span.  Then I turned Garmin on and asked him politely again.  I think he was peeved because he held his hand out (like stop-hand- in the name of love) and made me wait for about 5 minutes! Then he finally said "fine, whatever, drive half a block and your darn bank is right there!"
~ said bank was closed and I dumbly pulled at door a few times til I realized it was Sunday~duh
On the way back to the house, I noticed that there was a bank half of a block away from the house- I passed it while listening to Garmin.  He's a trickser, I tell you- and I am not amused.
off to eat dinner with 11 energetic kids!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What does a broken leg cost?

Man, if I could, I would scream rape.  really. Lemme break (ehem) it down for you.

6 mile drive  to hospital -                     $1118.00
mileage for ride                                    $186.00
because I did this at night                     $144.00

xrays                                                   $348.15
xrays                                                    $355.95
Level 4 something or another              $1044.00
(which probably connotes why they left me in the waiting room the whole time)
discount because I have no insurance    -349.62

doctor- who bills separate from the hospital
to look at it-                                       $663.00
because he's a doctor                         $194.00

xray- cuz the first xray bill was not enough- $50.00

crutches (separate bill too) -           $86.44

then, because all they did was say "you broke both bones in your ankle"- and wrapped it up, I had to find a doctor to actually cast me.

First visit- 175.00 for cast
                140.00 for office visit-                    $315.00
second visit- needed new cast- $100
                           office visit-    $60
                          xrays-            $40               $200
third visit     take off cast-         free
                  office visit              $60
                    xrays                   $40               $100
oh- percodan-                      $10
Total cost?  $4,464.92!!!

This is more than I made last year alone! Subbing in a state where teachers are being laid off and are given first dibs at sub jobs is not a lucrative career move.

I haven't added the loss of wages into the cost.  I had over 6 days of jobs booked already ($600.00) and the potentional to work about 30 days more if I was lucky ($3000).

This was all with various "uninsured" discounts as well.  Really?  I saw crutches at the drug store yesterday and they weren't reatailed at 90 bucks.  Why am I paying 300 an xray at the hospital but 40 at the doctor's office for the same xray?  Does the hospitals xray machine have magical healing rays?

I could go on, but I have to go count my change.  I should deliver the payment in pennies.

Friday, June 11, 2010

EWWW- Guhross- content warning

That's my disgusting leg.  In the picture, it is all hairy and has skin flakes on it- I warned you, gross.  You know how you used to spread glue on your hand and wait for it to dry, then peel it off? 

Why does my leg look like this?
Here's what one website says "Older cells are constantly being pushed to the surface by new cells which grow from below. When the old ones reach the top, they become wider and flatter as they get rubbed and worn by all your activity. And, sooner or later, they end up popping off like tiles blown from a roof in a strong wind. In fact, every minute 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells fall from your body! In approximately a month's time, your body has made a whole new layer of skin cells! " 

So, I had the cast on for about two months.  I was lucky enough to be able to shower with the cast, the water running through it making sure I wasn't getting stinky leg, but water can't wash off skin cells that are tightly wrapped in some neoprene like guaze.  Therefore, I was left with two months of skin cells stuck to my leg, dead.

Ex says "Don't you dare pick at your skin in my car", "I'm taking you to the house to shave that leg!"

Then, after leg was shaved to the best of my ability, and some of the skin was loofa-d, I sweet talked him into going to get a pedicure so the nice vietnamese lady could further uncover my fresh, bright pink, baby skin under the lizard crust.

So, I am not in a walking cast.  The doctor recommended a wrap or something.  I'm still on crutches as the leg has no muscle, and the tendons are not used to being bent in a ninety degree angle (like the syndrome you get when you wear heels all of the time).

I should be up and skipping (not running- haven't been able to do that since high school) in a matter of weeks!

* I like to say guh-ross like Guh-lenda from "Wicked"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I will do over my summer vacation

Quick post today- I'm going to go get my cast removed.  I will make sure I post a nice picture of my emaciated and hairy leg.  I think I'll have a walking cast and still need crutches though.

Then Saturday- I get to pick up my most favorite brother from the airport.  He will be toting luggage and 11 students from the school that he works at in Korea.  I am forced to work (get paid) this summer with him.  I will be cajoled into going to Disneyland, touring newspaper conglomerates and radio stations, eating barbeque and popcorn, and staying at a lovely house with a pool. The children are very well behaved- especially if you compare them to American standards.  They are funny and sweet. 

Don't you feel so sorry for me?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On some of your blogs, my picture doesn't show when I make comments.  I don't want to be some strange quilt piece or a sillouette- how do I fix this?

U is for Unsung

Yay! It's ABC WEDNESDAY again. You think I am going to discuss heroes, huh? Nope. My definition of hero differs from most people's, so I won't go there. I am going to introduce you to two people I don't think get enough recognition in the artistic field. There's probably more I could name, but I am keeping it short for U. (giggle)
The first one is Lyn at Witch Blog. She has gorgeous resin artwork. She's been working on orgonite- but if you don't believe in that or anything witchy- just check out her pieces anyway. They are really pretty in an artful way. Including this UNDULATING wand.

The other is a singer my Ex and I used to follow.  We'd watch him rock his harmonica in the basement of a hotel in Long Beach (CA).  He's folky, like Jacob Dillon but folkier.  The guy has been playing for well over 20 years now and is not signed.  He should be.  I was so thrilled when I found some of his music yesterday.  No really- thrilled!  I think we played his tape until it wore out and I was really missing his music. His name is PETER FAHEY.  He's cool enough to sell his songs for only 77 cents- what have you got to lose?  I recommend Someday and Falling. ( when he produces the song that says "if I had the money, I'd buy you a diamond" that I got engaged to- I recommended that as well. HINT- Pete, if you are reading this :)) Plus, his Unruffled persistance for creating music matches his ruffled hairstyle well. (handsome)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crap TV- part deux

I don't know how I sucker myself into watching these shows. Maybe it is because I've been home two months and everything seems to be a rerun, or a court TV show, and I can't watch a judge yell at people. To redeem myself, I will state that I have not watched any real housewives of any city, I haven't seen jersey whatever, and I refuse to watch anything with Paris Hilton in it.
But the other day I did watch Toddlers and Tiaras. Why????? It can't be for the girls' sweetness or natural looking beauty.

I haven't figured out my opinion on pageants.  Ok, I have, but I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't think anything based on beauty is really healthy for a girl.  Beauty, first of all, can't really be measured by outside appearances- you all know that- Has there ever been a time that you've dated someone that the world would not call incredibly attractive, but as you got to know his/her wonderful qualities s/he became more and more attractive to you?  See?  Beauty is not only skin deep.  Whoever said that it was is a lying liar who lies.
      I also don't think that we should dress up anyone who is this young in prostitute clothes and then parade them around stage.  Full makeup with fake eyelashes?  What the Heck?  They call it "glamour", I call it just plain scary.  Then, they are asked to dance in said prostitute clothes.  The end up copying the moves their parent is doing at the end of the stage, and these moves looked like they were choreographed by Brittany Spears.  Spears wasn't even as slutty as these girls when she was 8!
      Then they all wait to see if they have won in "beauty","smile", "eyes" , "face", or "clothes" categories.  Yeah, lets reward them for genetics and their moms spending thousands of dollars on little girl prostitute clothes. 
      One little girl says "we are just trained people".  Yep.  Your parents are training you to be shallow, to base your life on looks and clothing, to covet a win that requires no real skill (they do have a talent portion but that usually dance or some stupid joke of a talent- they are no Yo Yo Ma).  Your parents should have bought a dog that they could have dressed up and entered into dog shows. at least the dog show requires effort, and then your parents could leave you alone to have a normal and almost healthy childhood.
      I'd like to say that the kids might be learning something.  They know how to smile in the face of adversity.  They know how to lose (some with grace, some with a tantrum).  They know how to sort of sit still while they are painted to look like little hookers (sitting still is a learned skill, ya'll).  They know how to take direction.  And they meet new people all the time.  New little hookers with whom they will compete.
      I think my main issue is that a lot of these girls have expressed that they don't want to do it.  But mama, who is usually a pageant queen herself or a wannabe pageant girl, is using them as a big barbie to dress up and parade around.  Another thing that bothers me is that these girls might have a better time and learn more in different sports (one girl was pretending to be a bunny one minute and a dog the next- I bet 4H would be perfect for her).  Plus, these moms (and an occasionally dad(who I suspect may be gay but not ready to admit it*)) spend wayyyy too much money on dresses, hair falls, makeup, and helpers.  One even had fake teeth made for her child so the judges wouldn't see the missing tooth and gaps.  The moms' lives are based solely on the children's pageants and thus looks.  Then, these girls become big whiney tantrum throwing brats. and mom says "she's just tired and difficult today"- gosh! If my kid was behaving that way, I'd pack her butt back into the car and deposit her whiney self into her bedroom for a great big time out.  But nooo- these mom's tolerate the tantrums because they can't upset their dear princesses before the big show.
It's a sad state of affairs, and I was someone how sucked into it.  I now bow my head in shame.

*For the record, I am fine with gayness.  I feel that it is a biological thing like any sexual attraction and love is.  And I don't necessary think that just because a man is interested in doing hobbies with his daughter, or even in clothing, that he is gay.  But this particular dad, who was doing pageants with his daughter, designed all her clothing, and made up her dance moves had gay vibes pouring out of him.  Plus, his poor wife just took the backseat in the family- no longer needed because he now has a living doll to dress up and parade around.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Face of The Week

I love this meme- Face of the Week at Spacial Peepol. Today she has a gorgeous kitty on hers, so I am going to post a gorgeous kitty on mine! How's that for theme? Maybe we could play stray cat strut on my Ipod and eat fish for dinner. Pass the malt vinegar please.

This is Spike.  I just now realized that she has the same name as the sock creature I posted last week.  The Ex named her though.  When we got her, he was amazed at how much she looked like the kitten he had as a child (the kitten he hid in his closet hoping his mom wouldn't notice- the kitten who ended up being so big and brawny that he would beat up dogs). 
Spike was my baby.  I love her still.  She sadly left when I moved out of the house.  We had an exodus of quite a few animals who ran away when I, their primary caretaker, left.  I would have taken her with me, but I really didn't have a place to stay, and when I ended up here, I knew the dog would eat her. (sad face, sniffle)
She is (I am changing verb tense people, because she' not dead- she just adopted someone else!) the master catcher of lizards. At least once a week one of the kids would scream because a lizard was in a bedroom. Usually tailless and cowering in a corner. Spikey is a giver, what can I say?
When she wasn't catching lizards, she was sleeping behind the ex on top of his recliner, or on my lap.  She also enjoyed sleeping directly on top of my head at night.
Sure, I know she looks a little angry, but she wasn't with me! She's my sassy feisty girl.

Here's her barely tolerating her little sister.  She liked her twin brother Ori for a while, but she's not really a cat's cat.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm a Stalker

Some days I go on your blogs and check out who you read.  This is why I have so many blogs that I follow. I've been gathering more now that I am housebound.
I found Sprite's Keeper and Water Witch's Daughter through my Mom's Wanderings of an Elusive Mind.
I found Bringing Up Salamanders and  others through Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom.
Others like Lyn at Witch Blog I found by googling.  I like Witch blogs, including Lyn's because most of them lead really interesting lives, they know how to have good clean fun and make pretty stuff :)

And today I found Art Cards 365 through Walking in the Woods (Rose) at What I made Today. The picture above is from that site and made by Jennifer Nillson.  Gorgeous huh?  On sale on ebay even.

I want to start doing art again.I've quilted and sewn a bit in the last few weeks, and blogging is somewhat an art.  But I want to paint again.  I can't tell if I am just not grounded enough to sit and paint or if the problem is that I'll be stuck outside or upstairs in a hot enclosed bare room in order to paint.  I have an idea for my big canvas, it just hasn't been started.  I think maybe the key is that I need to start with art cards.  To work in little playing card sized paper illustrations.  Then I can make it bigger when my leg is better and I might find a comfortable place to paint.  I can do art cards on a TV tray downstairs with my TV in the background.  and I can take a pad of paper to my mommy's house where I always paint.  This site seems like a great motivation.  I'll probably use a few days to check it out before I start my own though- cause that's how I roll.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Green Day

I guess I'm in the mood for green- maybe it's the cast soaking into my brain. 
I made mojitos and broccoli soup. at the same time.

Broccoli Soup:
really good for you!
I browned some garlic in a sauce pan with olive oil
then poured chicken broth in
dumped broccoil and cauliflower in
let boil til soft.
let cool
throw in blender.
You can add cream, but I chose to add cheese for fat.

I squeezed about a lime into the blender. 
added a couple tsp of sugar
poured in a splash of club soda
fresh mint leaves- I really like peppermint
blend and taste.  too bitter?  too much club soda. 

I also like to use frozen lemonade or limeade and water because it makes a nice mix.

*sorry no pictures- my camera was taken by boyfriend and I need to get it back.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Everybody is Somebody's Someone

I watched the movie "All about Steve" yesterday.  It was the one where Sandra Bullock's character seems like a stalker. It was really a cute movie despite bad ratings.  I think Ms.Bullock is a great quirky actress.  Anyway, I had a really sweet thought after the movie- Everybody is somebody's someone.  Really.  It's cool to think, and most probably true, that someone out there really likes you for you- exactly how you are.  No, I am not talking soul mates.  I don't believe in soul mates.  I'm not even talking romance necessarily.  I'm just saying that you are most likely somebody's cheese to their macaroni.
          In the movie, there was a quirky dorky geeky guy who made apple heads for a living and a sweet full figured southern girl.  at one point she even showed her little belly in the movie.  I get a secret thrill out of non-skinny girls showing the world how gorgeous they are even without a Victoria's Secret stomach.  This guy was not the guy the girls in high school would swoon over.  But he was a very loveable character.  He'd be a great boyfriend.  And the full-figured girl- did I say she was gorgeous?  She was not the type you'd see in beach scenes in a movie, but I thought her southern sweetness and curves made her better girlfriend material than one of those girls. They didn't get hooked up in the movie- and the movie wasn't even about finding a "mate"- but I could see how each of these people would be appealing to someone even if they didn't fit the hollywood perfection stereotype.
           Remember the movie about the All American Girl's Baseball League?  It had that redhead starlet in it, and Rosie O'donnell and Madonna.  There was one geeky girl in it too- painfully shy- not girly at all- remember?  She ended up singing to a guy when they went and danced with the soldiers.   On stage, singing sultry-ly into the microphone.  They guy (Nelson?) was smitten.  He was not awed by Madonna or the redhead starlet, he was awed by the cheese for his macaroni.

I love this thought. I really do.  I love that my really tall  classically beautiful mom married a short computer nerd.  I say that with the upmost love and respect too.  I bought him a t-shirt that says "chicks dig pale scrawny guys"- lol.  They just fit as a couple.
I love the thought that even though I am not hollywood's version of ideal beauty- that even though I am not what Maxim magazine seems to think all guys are looking for- that I am a 38 year old, averaged sized, small chested, kinda unemployed and somedays a little batty woman, I might be the cheese to someone's macaroni.

* the older couple came from here-

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T is for Tea

Today is  ABC Wednesday! hosted by Denise, Roger, Barb, Jay, Gattina, Sylvia, Troy.   I had many words for T- Tobin, Tattoos, Tacos, Tarts, and Tea.  I already talked about Tobin, I don't know if you really want to see my belly full o' tattoos, and I have no pictures of tacos or tarts.  So you get tea.

I love tea parties.  When my daughter was little, she and I would frequently go to tea houses.  We'd take the boys to the football game in San Diego and sneak off to tea, or let the boys laze around the house while we went to tea down the street.  I even threw her a tea party for her first and 7th birthdays at home.

I really miss my tea (and coffee) now. I can't figure out how to make a hot cuppa drink and get it to my chair while walking with crutches, so I do without. My brother gets me delicious jasmine tea from China. I love it. I like to make a nice cup of chai at my mommy's house. I have been preparing for when I can drink tea again. My chamomile popped up this year (it neglected to grow when I planted it last Spring).

To make chamomile tea, you dry the flowers (I think you can use them fresh too) and just steep in hot water.  Easy Peasy.  I also hear that ginger tea is good.  You cut a sliver of fresh ginger and drop in hot water.  Let steep for a while to get the flavor. 

Chamomile is good for the disposition and helps you sleep.  Ginger helps nausea and cramps.  I'd love to have a whole bunch of tea recipes and homegrown tea.  I have mint drying now. All I need to do is to be able to walk 5 feet without dumping it on myself!