Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I hate

First, Lemme tell you, I just reread my myspace blog- and things I wrote 2 years ago still fit today, so you might get some blast to the past posts from me.  Like, Tomorrow- I am posting a short note I wrote about bullies.

Today I will write about things I hate- and the list is neither complete nor in order.

1. Bullies (see tomorrow's post)

2. Teachers who lecture about how lecture based teaching isn't good

3. Teachers who give you and a- or b when you clearly did A work

4. People who speak with angry voices all the time

5. People who bitch all the time

6. People who say crappy stupid things about you when you can hear : case in point:
        Yesterday, the boyfriend's father came home from a trip.  The dog hadn't eaten her food because she refuses to eat til boyfriend gets home and boyfriend came home at midnight the night before.  The father says to dog right outside the room I am sitting in "THEY don't know how to stir your food- that's why you didn't eat".  WTH? I do too know how to stir food! And why would you even say that where you know I can hear?  do you get some perverse joy out of badmouthing me to a dog?  This might not seem like a lot to you, but it happens with other things as well- I hear "she threw away the broken steak knife"- Oh no I didn't! and stop accusing me prior to asking- she is right here within asking distance.

7. People who get pissed off if you call them on above trait: case in point:
          I didn't call him out on the dog thing, it wouldn't help anyway.  He's an old codger,  at times can be kind in his controlling way, but he's also never gonna change.  I called him out on some situation a while ago.  I said something to him that was like "No, I didn't throw away your broken steak knife, and it bothers me that you assume I would".  He threw a hissy fit! "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS REACT IN A NEGATIVE WAY?  I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING MEAN TO YOU! YOURE SO EMOTIONAL" (He had put the steak knife in another room to dry)

8. People who save things like broken steak knives.  Sure, it's been reglued together, but it rebreaks everytime we use it.  And, you have two knife thingys- I dont think we need 16 steak knives.  We are also supposed to never throw away VCRs that don't work, back packs, or other things we might want to use someday.  Sad thing is, when my favorite dress somehow slipped into the trash can, no one questioned that!

9. The song "Muskrat Love".  Dont know why I can't stand it, but I can't

10. Liver and beets

11. People who count how many beers I have had. If I wanna drink 10 and pay for it in the morning, then lemme drink 10 (though I don't think I ever would, unless given like a whole day)

12. Misplaced anger.  I even hate it when it comes from myself.  I know you're angry from something that happened at work, but yelling at me won't help.  I took my anger out by yelling at cars in front of me, stupid commercials on TV, etc.( Then I got a nice antidepressant)

13.  Stupid commercials on TV.  Case in point: One commercial says "Like a robot, I kept using the same tampon every period"  WHAT?  When did robots get so advanced that they actually have a "moon time"?

14. Men, especially ones with wonderful wives, who drool at every passing girl. Really, you're not twenty anymore.  Your hormones should be in check and you should have learned how to be respectful, especially to your wonderful wife who clearly deserves better.  and don't give me any of that "Boys will be boys" crap.  Clearly, someone at one time told them it was Ok to be that way, and probably told them it was cool to drool at women, but if we actually started telling them the truth- that they are big jerks when they do that- maybe society could change to be a bit more respectable. (that was the longest sentence in the world)

15. The fact that every ad seems to have some half naked, boob jobbed, twenty year old who starves herself in it.  I do not believe her boobs are natural, nor do I believe she really eats those cheeseburgers.  Now I really don't want to buy your crap either.  Show me a real person who is dressed, and I'll think about it.

16.Shows like "punked".  Practical jokes are like tickling- they are borderline abusive.  You are enjoying watching someone in pain.

17. I just realized that most of my hates have to do with controlling people- but that might link to bullies, as well.

18. When you reallllly want to get out of the house, but can't.  and when you really want to stay home and relax but have too much to do.

19. war or violence of any kind

20.  People who think their religion is the only way.  People who judge you on your religion.

21.  People who say they are Christians, and that the bible says you can't be gay.   Then, go to the bar and drink too much, lay around the house and let their spouse do all the work (sloth), have sex peior to marriage, judge others, and all other things listed in the bible as badddd.

22.When you have a vision in your mind of what you want to buy- but can't find it when you finally have money.

23. People who let their dogs run all over- just because he sits pretty in your garage does not mean he will stay there when I walk by with my dog.  AND my dog will eat your dog. (thats why I keep her on a leash, or put her inside when I open the garage door)

24. When you run out of one ingredient and have to go to the store.

25.  That I burn a tray of cookies every time I make a batch.

Ok- that's it for today.  I could go on and on and on- I'm fairly decent at complaining.

* That's a picture of liver and onions from


Her Mom said...

I don't know - I think the liver and onions looks pretty good, actually. Fried in olive oil, of course.

Lyn said...

I totally agree with you about the liver. My parents made me eat that as a child - the worst time was when my dad thought it a great idea to make liver casserole. I vowed on that day to never, ever, ever subject any kids I might have to liver. And I haven't :-)

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

and Liver is where all the toxins are stored! The vitamins or whatever in it are not worth the taste or texture or toxins. (I still love alliteration!)