Sunday, May 30, 2010

See? They multiply!

My lovely Mother, Carol, At Wanderings of an Elusive Mind gave me another award>  Nepotism?  I think not! My mom is a fair and unbiased chick.  I am versatile! I deserve the award.  You never know what I am going to talk about!

With the award, I need to divulge seven secrets about myself.  This might be hard, since I probably already give you all too much information in my posts.  LOL

1. I don't normally go for sweets, I would rather have salty crunchy, like chips (mmm- lime or salt and vinegar flavor).  But right now I am addicted to a toffee confection made by a highschool friend: BeckyRoka.  She traded me a box of yummies for one of my sock creatures.  I love the pepper flavored one- it has a background of serrano pepper mixed with the toffee and chocolate.

2. I talk to plants, animals, rocks, stuffed creatures, computers, etc.  Yes, I converse with inanimate objects.  I sometimes believe they actually have human characteristics.  I know the plants, animals, and rocks hear me and feel my love.  The computer may hate me.

3. I dig gargoyles.  I love halloween at Target because they have cool little gargoyles for cheap.  I made a really cool three dimensional wooden gargoyle at my Mom's one summer.  It sat on my roof in Long Beach until he committed suicide.

4.  I also collect cheesy snowglobes.

5.  I love Mae West.  Really, you should youtube her.  (I also love how I can use Youtube and google as verbs now!).  I think May is the perfect mix of bawdy and class.  "It's not the men in your life, but the life in your men".  I think a woman should be a little bawdy, but there is a limit.  It has to be done with class, not crass.  Like Gypsy Rose Lee.  She stripped without stripping!

6. I am a grammar snob.  I know when I type my blog I don't always use the correct punctuation or grammar.  I already stated that I use artistic license! But (I know, you can't start a sentence with but), I corrected papers in college from people who were supposed to be Master's degree students- and some of them could not differentiate between there, their, or they're, or two, too, and to!  These people were writing term papers for a higher degree, they had spell check! In social situations, I am a lot more realxed about it.

7.I have big plans, but a lot* of the time, I lack the drive.  I want to plant an herb garden, paint a picture, sew a quilt, join a coven, read various pieces of educational literature, etc....But, they all take time and energy.  I have an excuse right now with the leg, but I really don't think getting the cast off will help with getting some of these plans done.  Until I hit an energy spurt, then I'll get most done in a few days (that happens every few months). Money is also a factor with things like the garden (I'll need a few bags of soil to fix the container garden here).

* I love hyperbole and a half's way of explaining a lot

I'm passing this award to Innanastar at Ramblings of a Domestic Witch.  Her blog is mighty versatile.  One day she might be telling off snobs ( I love the picture on that post)  the next day she is showing me what I want for dinner!
For the record, I subscribe to 25 or so blogs, I love them all! I think reading them, and looking at the pretty pictures of some, is one thing that is keeping me sane during my homebound period.  If you have time, check out the people in my sidebar- they are all wonderful and witty!


Her Mom said...

I put my gargoyle out by the pond today. His neck is getting a bit wobbly and his skin is aging, but otherwise he's doing great!

Brownpaperbaggirl said...

You totally are a versatile blogger! Congrats on the award!

TKW said...

You talk to rocks? That's hilarious! I must say, gargoyles fascinate me. They scare me a little, but they're so cool looking...

Anonymous said...

So sorry your gargoyle committed suicide!!!!! I might regret but I am going to ask cuz I just gotta know - what are cheesy snowglobes? I enjoyed your seven interesting secrets!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Oh- Suzicate, The gargoyle just jumped. First his face came flying off, then other parts of his body. I had made him out of wood from a pattern that sandwiched about 7 layers to make him took 3d.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Cheesy snowglobes are the plastic snowglobes that you can buy really cheap. My mom tries to make me more classy by buying cute small ones with real glass though.