Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Buddy, Doogan

Thank the Gods I happen to have my buddy Doogan around. He's been with me for 31 years. He's always there when I have a pity party. He's put up with 20 years of my PMS, and he still welcomes me with open arms and a good snuggle.

Am I weird?  or does any other thirty eight year old still turn to a "stuffed animal" friend?  If I'm weird, I'll own it and carry it proudly.

PS- Thanks for listening to my pity party last night :)


Her Mom said...

Doogan's carrying his years very well! Unconditional cuddling with no judging is good, wherever it might come from.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

LOL- I just made myself younger than I am. Poor doogan has put up with 27 years of PMS discluding the 3 pregnancies. His ear is pinned on and his mouth is a bit haggard, but he sure looks good in Tobin's shirt!

Levi Bultez said...

I am 37 and I too still have my Doogan! I have had him by my side thru all episodes in my life for 35 years, except 4 years he was mistakenly put in storage while we lived in Germany. I would be absolutely lost if I didn't have by my side! He is my rock! So I guess I too am weird!

Bridget said...

I also have one. He has been 32 years of hell, Many surgeries, and plane trips from Wisconsin to California. I will never part with him.