Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunch with Princesses

I had lunch with two princesses on Sunday.  How do I know they were princesses?  They just had their nails done with glitter nailpolish, silly!  These princesses were the upmost hostesses.  The set about teaching me princess ways, since I am certainly not of royal upbringing.

First, a princess should always wear her best our in public.  Luckily, I had worn a pretty sundress and a lovely sweater that one of the princesses borrowed as she grew chilly.  I was warmed from beer and the walking on crutches, so all was well. These princesses always wear dresses fit for tea or the grand ball.  And, as I said, their nails were done beautifully.

Second, a princess should order what she wishes, even if it is not on the menu.  Princess Becca orderered hotwings, little hamburgers, pizza, chicken tenders, and nachos.  Luckily, each of these things were on the menu, and a few were on the tables of her royal court, so she got to eat a bite of everything.  Princess Sarah did not fair so well.  She ordered oreos, brownies, hotdogs with catsup, and chips.  None of which were on the menu.  So she settled on sharing her sister's food, though I think she primarily ate only french fries which she painstakenly covered in catsup prior to eating.  I mean, every inch of the fry was rubbed down with catsup!
Lemme give you a side note here:  The Princesses father is an evil man with a metabolism that mocks fat ladies everywhere.  I think I once heard him complain about gaining a pound bringing him nearly up to one hundred fifty pounds (what's that?  ten and half stones?).  The princesses were given this metabolism, I was not- so I don't think I'll be able to copy their eating style. Though I did order what I wanted and ate a big bowl of cheese and broccoli soup- mmmm.

Third, princesses should have skills.  Both princesses excelled at the matching game on my phone.  They won it so quickly I realized I'd have to find a harder game for them next trip out.   They were also artists.  They lay on the floor like Michelangelo would lay on some contraption to paint a ceiling.  They decorated my cast in the most lovely of colors and designs.  I am assured that my name is on my cast and at least 5 butterflies.  They sure know their patron, since I like butterflies.

all and all, my day with the princesses was almost "the best day ever"- they might think the day above was the best day ever- lol- the princess are the ones facing the camera.  with them, is little princess Alex who was too busy to lunch with me.


tricia915 said...

those wacky princesses! They hold court where ever they go! Plus they kept your sweater.
PS Alex now has requested a pillow as she sleeping with it every night.

Her Mom said...

How lovely to have princesses in your life. Especially such artistic princesses. You now have a cast that is completely yours, a cast that will not be seen on any of the other "casted" folk you see walking down the streets!