Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ducks and a murder

I woke up this morning way to freaking early! WAAAYYY too early. Like, 6 am. Since I have been housebound, my hours have been rearranged. Probably because I like night time TV better than morning TV, and I've always been a sleeper inner. I like to get up between 9 and 10. Sometimes I sleep until one. When suffering a serious case of the blues, I didn't get out of bed all day and slept most of it.

Why'd I wake up so early you ask? Well, because boyfriend woke up that early. But usually I can go back to sleep. I couldn't this morning because a few ducks and a murder of crows were having an argument right outside my window!!!!


This picture is blurry- but you can see how cute the ducks are anyway.  I live about a block away from a huge park.  It is square, and each side is a mile long.  There are two huge ponds within this park and we are situated in the middle of both of the ponds.  On top of that, the tract I live in has a cozy little quiet park.  So, a pair of ducks come over here from the big park every Spring looking for a good spot to have a family.  They walk around the block every morning.  I can just imagine them as a sweet older couple, holding hands as they stroll. 
Normally I like crows.  They are very intelligent and quite funny.  But I think, I suspect, that they are the ones who started the fight with the ducks.  These ducks are nice!  They are not like mean ol' geese. But crows have a bad reputation.  And bullying kind of fits that reputation, don't you agree? This fight went on for about 45 minutes! There were obviously more crows than ducks, too.  The less courageous of the crows staying in the trees and yelling "fight fight fight" in crow language!
I sure hope that they got it out of their system.  I want to sleep in tomorrow, and I'd love to see the ducks frequent our neighborhood without having to watch their backs.


Her Mom said...

I say "Go Ducks!" Crows are a nuisance bird. If you don't believe me, what is it that always flies right into the freshly cleaned with Windex windows? Watch the commercials, you'll see it's dem dere crows!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Lol. Spoken like a true oregonian! Go ducks!