Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cupcakes- the Gods' version of fair food.

I like to bake.  My real obsession is cupcakes.  Though, people are more apt to scarf down cookies in my house.  My best friend, Tricia, bought me this book:
it is the BEST! It basically starts out every recipe with a cake mix- Yeah, I am a cheater, I use cake mix.

I think Tricia bought me this book because she doesn't trust my baking abilities.  I made one stupid mistake as a teen-ager and have never lived it down (ok, two (never wear white leather to a wedding) but that's another story).

I decided to make a cake to bring to school when we were in 9th grade (I think?).  I didn't have any eggs, though.  The store was like, a whole mile away! So, I decided to just add milk because it had the same consistency as eggs, almost.  The cake came out like a cardboard pancake.  But that didn't deter me, I still put some canned frosting on it, and pretty decorations, and took it to school the next day.  I think we ended up using it as a frisbee.

Now, I am better than that.  I actually follow a recipe.  Sometimes I fiddle with it if it is a recipe for soup or some casserole, but I never fiddle with the eggs to oil ratio in a cupcake.  I even make my own butter cream frosting.  With real butter, yo.  I have some mad baking skillz now.  I just wish I had more opportunities that called for cupcakes!


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Her Mom said...

Bring those skills with you this summer - Pat is suffering withdrawal pangs because no one is baking here these days. Love the picture!