Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today, just as I said I would, I'm reposting something I wrote in 2006.  It still stands true today. Yesterday I was a bit bitter and crappy feeling, so just know that those in my life that I grump about are also wonderful caring people.

I hate bullies. The kind that say "Let's paint a flower" and then tell you you have to paint a flower their way or you don't get to paint at all.

I hate bullies. Especially those who hit you and then whine that you hurt their hand. Then you have to apologize cause the teacher didn't see the whole thing.
I hate bullies that yell at you whenever your opinion isn't akin to theirs. Then you're stuck in an eternal timeout cause the bully didn't use their quiet voice.
I hate bullies that use their loudness and pushyness to get their way and don't give a crap that underneath their feet is the person they've been trampling on daily.
Bullies squash creativity. Bullies diminish magic. Bullies destroy the psyche. Bullies slowly eat at your soul until you become repressed and lifeless and can't move without strings on your limbs and a hand up your ass.
Are you a bully/ are you a dumb doll?


I feel I must add a little something to this- so I'll have two post scripts:
P.S.  Bullying in 2010 seems worse. Some TV shows seem to glorify bullies a little bit.  The pretty popular girl who is really a bully underneath her make-up and push-up bras is one such character.  Another type, less intrusive, but a borderline bully, is the person in shows like Punked.  I also see this crap on MTV shows like 16 and pregnant. The cruddy thing is, this bullying now has farther reaching technology.  Kids are being emotionally destroyed through texts and social pages like facebook.

P.S.S I find that I am both a bully and a puppet.  I hate being either of these. 
I'm kinda breaking the puppet crud, but I find I've become a bully at times. Yesterday, primarily because I was crabby and depressed (I call it feverish cabin depression), I was mean to the boyfriend.  I asked him out to dinner and he gave me an "I don't know"  so I sulked, and whined, and was not too nice.  I really felt like I needed to get out of the house, I NEEDED to spend some quality time with boyfriend, and I was upset and angry that he didn't feel the same way.
So, just as I described the bullies above, I was mad he didn't share my opinion and I punished him for it.  Not horribly punished, but just enough to start an arguement that shouldn't have happened.
I don't like me when I am that way.  I sure need to find some other way to meet my needs without inflicting pain on others in the process. I'm Sorry, boyfriend.

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Her Mom said...

I've never thought of picking a fight as bullying, but it really is, isn't it? So at some points in our lives, each and every one of us is or has been a bully. The trick is to keep in under control and not let it dominate. And to be able to acknowledge it when we're wrong.