Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day One

Okay- I'm tired of saying to myself "one day I'll start a blog". I guess today is as good a day as any. So today I started a blog. I plan to use this as a 'today I' type of diary. I suppose I'll celebrate a little and bitch a little on here as well. Hopefully I'll keep it up as I tend to be a starter but not so much a finisher. I'm more of a dreamer and planner than a doer. I like the process and want the product, but the work through the middle, not so much.
but, if my mommy can do it, so can I.


Her Mom said...

Alright! Go for it. It's a great creative outlet, I think. And now you've got lots of time, since your new career is just laying around. :)

Sistertex said... you are, a new beginning. Nothing to do but create here! Very cool - nice to see you!