Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I went through my long list of blogs and dumped quite a few.  I never "followed" any (except my mom's) but had about 20 in my 'favorites' that I would check from time to time.  I am quite picky about the blogs I read-
they need to have pretty pictures
they need to have decent sized text
they need to be written with humor, sass, and intelligence
if the blog has references to Jesus every paragraph I can't read it
if the blog has frequent misspellings or grammar issues, I can't read it
if the blogger is whiney constantly, I can't read it
and if the blogger posts only once a week, I grow bored.
I started out reading wedding porn (Uh, I mean blogs).  They are filled with beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas.  I limited myself to thrifty types- ones that said they were having a wedding on a budget or do-it-yourself weddings.  These were more fun anyway since most of the goodies they had were within my reach.  Not that I needed them to be in my reach, since I am not engaged.
I deleted quite a few of these blogs, though, when I realized that a "budget wedding" could mean anything, depending on the budget.  I kept the weddings that were aiming for under $5,000.
The problem is, I started planning an imaginary wedding in my head!  I even saved some images.


(the last is because silly boyfriend keeps mentioning weddings on his friend's winery property)

Anyway, I realized how dumb this is!  I was planning an imaginary party!  I even felt a bit of "ohNO!" in my gut right now when I realized that I don't know where that top dress image came from (what if that is the dress I really want?) sheesh.

So, I stopped  reading them, because that is the best way, really, to cut off an addiction cold turkey.  I do still Keep up with Cupcake tho, she's a fun and sassy girl.
     Now, I have moved onto witchy and homey blogs.  You can see them in the sidebar, of what blogs I read.  I find myself very envious of the people who have acres to plant herbs and vegies, and the energy to tend and harvest said plants.  I want to make my own lotions and tinctures.  I want to grow chamomile and nettles (what are they anyway?).  I want to pick my dinner and have time and energy to prepare it.
Anyone have a farm to lend me?
But, I suppose, when I start having sleepless nights because I am coveting another woman's homestead, I might have to quit the blogs too.  Do they have a blogs anonymous?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bridal Shower goodies

Today I (well, not really all today- I did some yesterday and slept til noon today) made Hershey's kiss roses for Megan's bridal shower.  They'd look better if I remembered the leaves, but since I can't just hop on my scooter and pick some up at the local craft store, they'll have to do without.
These are the easiest favors to make! First you glue two kisses together, base to base. I used tacky glue because that is what I had- but you can use a low temp glue gun or even doublestick tape.   Let dry
 Then, shove a 22 guage straight floral wire into the top of one of the kisses- if you just tacky glue them, the wire can go into both.
Next, cut a square of celophane- 5x5 is about good- and place over kisses.  Twist around the kisses and wire so it looks like a bud.  Then using masking or scotch tape, tape the celophane and a little down the wire. 
Finally, using green floral tape, cover the tip of the bottom kiss and down the floral wire.  You can add a leaf to make it look more realistic.  I like to wind the wire around a chopstick or knitting needle if I plan to just lay one on a plate.
Now, I am going to go make a crossword puzzle on the Discovery Education site:
as my teenage daughter writes, TTLY (Talk to you later)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day One

Okay- I'm tired of saying to myself "one day I'll start a blog". I guess today is as good a day as any. So today I started a blog. I plan to use this as a 'today I' type of diary. I suppose I'll celebrate a little and bitch a little on here as well. Hopefully I'll keep it up as I tend to be a starter but not so much a finisher. I'm more of a dreamer and planner than a doer. I like the process and want the product, but the work through the middle, not so much.
but, if my mommy can do it, so can I.